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Add Keywords on Your Craigslist Post is Very Easy

How to add keywords to Craigslist ad?

Add Keywords to Craigslist Post: People put the ad on the Craigslist, to sell and buy products. It is most important to attract customer to sell the products. Keywords play an important role in it. User to can use Meta tags to supply data. Craigslist advises users to craft post in right language by using keywords wisely.

Use keywords when posting on Craigslist because this technic helps to come up first in searches. With this trick, there is good chance for your Ad get visibility to the top.

Steps to Add Keywords on Craigslist Post:

The user can put right keywords to attract buyers to transact with products. One should follow the following steps to create the right effect on visitors:

1)  First of all, select an appropriate category for advertisement. This feature helps to appears posting in the context of relevant keywords. It will help people to find both in-site and through off-site search engines.

2) Use of main keywords in post title has an extra advantage. For example, if someone advertising services as a graphic designer in San Francisco, he should include the keywords "Graphic Designer" and “San Francisco “in heading rather than simply writing "Freelancer Available".

3)  Visitors will pay attention naturally if someone Use each keyword two or three times in every 100 words of advertisement.

4) The user should add keywords as headings and subheadings by placing them between header tags for size. For example: "<h1>Room for Hire</h1>" for a main heading, "<h2>2 Bedroom</h2>" for a subheading.

5) Adding a separate keyword list on a separate line at the end of the post gives attracting look to the post. For example: "Keywords: house, rent, Chicago, cheap."

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