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Craigslist provides opportunity to Make Money

Craigslist Earn Money Online

This web portal provides opportunity everyone to make money. However, some people earn a lot, and some are not. Here are some tips for making money by an online transaction with it.

Tips to increase sale on Craigslist:

  1. You should put your item in the right category for sale. Shoppers always find things in the sorted category. So if you have put your item in the true category, the visitor can easily see them.
  2. Eye-catching and attractive headlines work effectively. This will induce people to click on your link. You may add attractive price tag for the quick response.
  3. Images are most important part of an advertisement. Include best pics of items so that the sale can take place quickly.
  4. You should give a response to the buyers as soon as possible. Email or call from buyer indicates a desire to buy your item. As soon as you reply, your sale can take place quickly.
  5. Follow the rules of Craigslist. Do not copy any advertisement of yours’ or anyone else. It may lead you towards permanently blacklisted.
  6. AdNotifier is one of the programmes offered by the website. This makes your work easy by sending you automatic updates each time a new ad is posted in your category. It works as a feed burner, except it's much more thorough. It makes simple to search multiple cities at one time.
  7. Craigslist is a great place to conduct business for those who have a skill for doing business. You can buy items and re-sale them for profit. Re-sale business is alive and growing.
  8. eBay is a site where you can post a range of items as an online store. You can put one item on Craigslist to the sale and direct people to your online store or provide a link to eBay listings for more sales.
  9. HTML is a source to lead people to your link. This makes easy for visitors to go on particular page or information for your other product.
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If you find any Abuse from any Craigslist Ad, then Report Abuse Online

How to Report Abuse Online Craigslist?

Craigslist is an online site which is accessible by anyone. Anyone can buy or sell almost anything on this, so it gives freedom of commercial expression. To shop online with it, you just need is an internet connection. However, it is useful site; there is a vast possibility of scams, fraud and abuse posting.

If you find any abuse from any ad, to make your side safety, you need to report on Craigslist. There are many ways to stop abusing. You can flag this type of ads or complain about it. You can also report them in the following manner:

Steps were taken to Report Abuse on Craigslist:

  1. If you find any abuse, immediately go to the main page of the Craigslist. Click on the link “Help, FAQ, Abuse, Legal” where you can find many help questions which also contain questions about abuse on the Craigslist site.
  2. Drop your cursor down and find FAQ related to the 'Harassment, Legal stuff, Spam'. Choose a firs link named as ‘Personal Harassment'.
  3. You can choose the best option from provided three options to further report for abuse. After that, report abuse by online form. You should choose ‘Harassment’ option from the available options on the online form and put '911' in the subject field.
  4. You should mail to the email service provider about who is abusing you. You can find the separate section on safety and abuse on the provider's Web site.
  5. Craigslist will remove abusive posts from Community. You can also apply flagging to this type of posts. You can flag this ad as much time as you can and if Craigslist receives enough flags, the post will automatically remove by the site.
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Guide for How to Post on Craigslist Personals

Post on Craigslist Personals

Craigslist has changed the equation of shopping by providing online free advertising of stuff for selling or buying. It provides the variety of items as well as helps to find friends, meet with new relationships or for romantic or platonic relationships. You can find friends; dating friends or platonic relations as well as you can put such posts also. The following steps help the user to develop internal relationships for personal life.

Steps to Post on Craigslist Personals:

  1. You have to go for, open main page and located to particular city or village.
  2. Then click on the link “Post to Classified” located in the right-hand corner at the top of the page.
  3. The page will open with various lists such as community, for sale, personals, services, jobs, housing and much more. Choose "Personal/Romance" option and go on "Continue."
  4. Choose an appropriate option for which you are seeking for. Mention what type of relationship you are finding and click on it. After that, you have to enter a title in provided space. It will give a clear idea to the people, what actually you want.
  5. The box “Reply To” will ask to enter your personal details. Fill it with your age, email address (twice). You have to provide an identical email address. In "Posting Description" box, type your message about yourself, likes, dislikes and what are you searching for in a person.
  6. Submit the post by clicking on “Continue”. After that go to your email account and open the mail sent by Craigslist. Here, you can see an exact post you made before a few minutes. You can review it and also change content by “Edit” option. After verifying it, click on “publish” button. Now your post is posted on Craigslist.
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Move Easily your Craigslist Ad to the Top

How can I move my Craigslist ad to the top?

All users want that visitors pay attention to their classified and take interest in it. Craigslist is a site where millions of people post classified every day. In that case, it is not possible that your post can be visited by most of the people. They always pay attention to those whom they see first. If you want to get more business, you must be on the top of the page. Here we will discuss on moving my Craigslist ad to the top.

Through Craigslist, you can arrange them on the top by re-posting. They use chronological posting system, which filtered advertisements by date and time starting with the recent post. A new post can be shown at the top of the page. Following are some steps, which brings more customers by updating posting.

How to Move My Craigslist Ad to the Top

  • First, you have to login to Craigslist. The main page will show “My Posting” option. A window will open with the list of your all posting. From them, find the ad which you want to move at the top of the search result.
  • Click on “Manage” and copy necessary content and delete the same post by clicking on “Delete this Posting”.
  • One dialogue box will open and confirm for deleting the post. You have to click on “Delete” option to completely delete it from the site.
  • After that, return to the Craigslist homepage and click on “Post to Classified”. Here, follow the instructions to post an ad in the correct category. In the provided space, you should paste your copied content and modify the words. It is necessary because Craigslist can automatically flag you if you post the same ad further.
  • Make necessary changes in content and click on “Continue” to post.
  • Enter verification code/ captcha code to confirm your posting. Within few minutes, your new posting will appear at the top of the search list.
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How do I Post/ Put an Ad on Craigslist for Free

Advertising on Craigslist for Free

Post ad on Craigslist for free: is a site where you can post for anything from free stuff to house rental, service to jobs, gigs to events without any advertising charges. The site has makes this process so simple that everyone can post classified easily. Below are provided seven easy steps to put an ad on the site. Follow them and enjoy free use.
  1. First, you have to go on Choose the area, city, and state as per your liking. “Post to Classified” option will be shown in the upper left corner of the page.
  2. Click on an appropriate category from the drop-down menu and “Continue” for further proceedings.
  3. The page will open with ad title, description and contact details. Fill them correctly and give a catchy title. 
  4. You will be provided a box for email address. Enter ID in the space. If you don’t want to write original email ID, you also have an option to choose an anonymous account. Craigslist will connect your account with the anonymous name so that you will not receive emails directly from customer/ visitors but from the site.
  5. Craigslist also permits four upload images. You can upload maximum four photos. For this, click on “Add Image” option. A new window with computer drives will open, from which, you should select a drive, file and suitable image for the ad and click on “Continue” or “Submit”.
  6. After that, click on “Continue” to review your ad. Your post will open with a page containing a new link. Open it and review it. If you want to make any change in it, click on “Edit” option, make necessary changes. 
  7. Write verification letters in the provided box and move to next page. Choose “I ACCEPT” button and submit the post.
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Give Advertisement for Yard Sale Listing - Garage Sale on Craigslist

Garage Sale on Craigslist - Yard Sale Listing

Garage sale ads examples: Sometimes to earn a huge profit, people arrange a yard sale of a garage sale. The advertisement is most important to make known to the people. It can be done by many ways. Craigslist is one of the best options to create a free announcement and pull a crowd. Following steps lead you towards the big opportunity to earn the profit. Here we will discuss on Garage sale on Craigslist help.
  1. For yard sale, posters play an important role. Write an ad in Microsoft Word or Works and write proper post or listing. It should be simple, easy and attractive to get more exposure.
  2. It should contain the address of sale. Craigslist helps to find the nearest location, street, town, city, and state. Give detailed direction of sale place, marked with the well-known landmark.
  3. State date and time for selling. Some yard shoppers prefer to release advertisement early so that they can get the best deal. Here, they should request “No early birds Please” to maintain rush.
  4. You should mention what type of items you are going to sale. Describe in detail if you have branded wears, items or anything else for children, youth, etc. It will make shoppers to get a clear idea about the sale.
  5. You should also include pictures for your sale. Take good pics of and upload one or two on Craigslist. Make a classifier such as that, shoppers entice to visit your sale at least once.
  6. Once your writing in Microsoft Word completed, check it out carefully. Now visit From the main page, choose a state, click and choose the next closest city. The next page will show you "Post to Classifieds" option in the upper left-hand corner. Choose “For Sale” link from the list. It will provide so many links. From them; you should choose "Garage & Moving Sales".
  7. Now, enter posting title, city, and state, the date of sale, and "Yard Sale," "Garage Sale," Or "Moving Sale".
  8. Copy your Microsoft Word Ad in "Posting Description” box. Upload images if you have, and go for "Add/ Edit Images".
  9. Make necessary changes, preview and post it on Craigslist. It will appear for 30 days on it.
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How to Make Multiple Entries in Craigslist Account - Bulk Posting

Craigslist Bulk Posting for Multiple Cities

Post an Ad on Craigslist for Multiple Cities: It provides the facility for free posting. Hence, sometimes you may face problems of heavy trafficking. When you are selling multiple items or hiring multiple positions, Craigslist doesn't let you post multiple entries within the same 48-hour period.

If you try to post many items at one time, you could be blocked temporary from posting. To avoid this, Craigslist gives an option to create multiple entries without getting blocked. Here are some tips to make multiple entries or bulk posting.
  1. You should avoid the same type of language in each ad. Post every ad with the unique language. The website uses a program to find and flag similar postings to foreclose scams. Do not make a different posting for the same item. Spam is not illegal but computer's IP address might be permanently banned from Craigslist if you are caught in the scam.
  2. To post classified, go on the main page of Craigslist and click on "Post to Classifieds". Select a suitable category and write the post. Complete it by providing email and specified space.
  3. To make worth your advertisement, put original pictures in it. For this, click on "Add/Edit Images" and “Continue”. After that type, a verification code appears on the screen. It is given to avoid scamming.
  4. After completing above process, an email will be sent to your account. Check it and open a link provided within. The page of your ad will open, check it and edit if you find any false by clicking on “Edit” button. If you find everything perfect, click on “Post” to publish it.
  5. It is advisable to create an account with free websites. Many websites provide this service without any charge such as Yahoo!, Google and Hotmail.
  6. To post another advertisement within 48 hours, use another email address. It will prevent you from flagging. To post another, repeat above procedure.
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Check or Know about a Craigslist Post is Real or Not?

How to Know If a Craigslist Post Is Real or Not Real?

To know if a Craigslist post is real: Craigslist has millions of users as it provides free posting service of advertisements. There is more chance of scams and frauds because of this feature. It is necessary to identify which classified is bogus and which are genuine. Sometimes people cannot recognize these types of ads and immerse in the scam. There are many safe ways which should be followed by users, given below.

Some ways to Know If a Craigslist Post Is Real:

1) Call:
Most of the time, every advertisement has a valid email address and phone number. You can call the person and ask for details. Make a list of questions before calling. In this way, you will not forget to ask anything. It is necessary to pay attention when talking. If ads fake, you may identify on phone also. If the owner hasn’t provided a phone number, reply by mail and ask for phone number. If he denies giving, it might be a scam. It is better to back away from that post.

2)  Investigation:
The investigation is the best way to find about scams. Pay attention to the background for the classified. Backgrounds can be different such as about company for job ad, or neighbors of building for rent ad, etc. If you are willing to buy any house, collect the details from neighbors.

3) Check other sources of advertisement:
Craigslist runs so many campaigns against fake ads. Sometimes users post another classified which warns readers about it. If you get such warning post, send mail for more information and check about it.

4) Trust your feeling:
“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” is the popular old maxim. If you find the unbelievable post for earning thousands of dollars without doing too much work, you might not ready to believe. Little voice inside you, probably true. If any sellers insist on meeting in private area after dark, avoid meeting.

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  • How to Know If a Craigslist Post Is Real?
  • how to know if a craigslist response is real Website for Financial Information - Social Security Card Reviews Financial Information - Social Security Card Reviews Social Security Card Reviews: Where we get all basic financial information? Which is the place where anyone can get information about any financial situation? The answer is only website. It was developed with financial information from 12 Federal agencies, departments and bureaus. Treasury Deputy Secretary Neal Wolin said at launching event of the site that it is critical to strengthening every aspect of the financial system after the severe financial crisis of depression.

A new launch was to find free, reliable and unbiased information about daily financial decisions and plan for the future. Before searching online about any financial crisis, first get the information which Federal agency was the right for the information. This website divide in three well-organized sections named Life Events, Resources, and Tools. Let’s understand in detail how it works.

1) Life Events:

In this category, people can get all information about events happening in life such as the birth of child, adoption of a child, attending college, marriage, divorce, buying a home, starting a job, losing a job, starting a business, buying a business, saving for retirement, living during retirement and dealing with the financial issues surrounding the death of a family member. A person can avail all information related to above topics.

2) Resources:

This category is divided into particular groups. It contains a separate partition for youths, parents, care-givers, teachers, women, employers, military personnel, retirees, researchers and financial education providers.

3) Tools:

This category contains easy calculators to solve just about any financial dilemma (scruple). It contains calculators like Debt Payoff and Saving Calculator to make a sound financial decision. Debt Payoff Calculator uses sliders for interest rate and possible payment by just entering principal which will show how long it will take to pay off the loan and how much should be pay in total. Similarly, the Savings Calculator calculates different scenarios based on the amount of saving and the interest rate. There are also calculators that will help in developing a ballpark savings estimate for retirement, compare mortgage options and repay credit card balance.

It also helps in budgeting worksheets for planning a basic household budget, college preparation, shopping for an equity loan, saving for retirement, spending plans, managing debt and credit, dealing with a mortgage, planning for retirement, saving and investing, getting a loan, insurance, consumer rights, scams and fraud and other key topics. It offers checklists and provides tips on how to handle any financial task, for example, how to shop for a mortgage or how to protect your checking account.

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How to List Items for Sale on Craigslist - List of Advertisement

How to Sell Stuff on Craigslist Successfully for Free

List items for sale online on Craigslist: The website was launched in 1995; thousands of people use it as a wide mean of posting classified for free. Users put items to sell and buy online. Following are the steps to put a list of advertisement on it.
  • Go to the main page of website and Press on “Post to Classified” on the left side of the page.
  • It will show you the list of categories for posting. Select “For sale” button, and wait till next page open.
  • Select the suitable category for the item, you want to sell. For example, if you are selling sports kit, click on the button “Sporting Goods” category.
  • After that, you should choose location/ nearest area for your posting. The site will suggest suitable options also. You can pick best from them.
  • After filling necessary details, you will find a page for creating an ad. Give the best title to the item, set a reasonable price, and describe fully in “Body” text box. You will also ask to add contact details such as email address and phone number. You may avoid giving a phone number. However, you can provide your real email address if you want. If you want to hide your email address, Craigslist will generate connected email address apart yours. Your received emails will be sent automatically to your real account.
  • Click on “Continue”, the open page which shows you “Choose File” to upload a picture to your classified. After selecting the best image from a file, click on “Done with Images”. Follow the instructions and continue with next steps.
  • After successful posting, you will receive a confirmation email from Craigslist. Open email account and click on the recent email to open it. This email contains a link by which you can edit posting. If you are satisfied with it, press on “Publish” icon at the bottom of the page. Enjoy unlimited dealing with stuff.
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Now you may Join Discussion Forums on Craigslist

Craigslist Help Desk Discussion Forum

Craigslist discussion forum 1059: It is a multi purpose website that helpful in browsing worldwide as well as locally. People post advertisements, chat, sell and buy stuff. Sometimes you feel very sad about problems. You think that you are the only person suffered from them. Craigslist provides a way to protect you from gnawing. It has a facility to create and join discussion forums. Here we will discuss on how to use Craigslist discussion forums.

Forums provide a wide platform for discussion. It contains so many topics such as adoption, women’s issue, social issues, family problems and much more. You will find various categories on forums like automotive forums, motorcycle forums, psychology forums, job market forums and so on.

  1. For any search or query, the first step is to “Login” to your account. Drop down menu will show you “Discussion Forums” option. Open by clicking on it and choose any forum as per your interest.
  2. Some forums contain (R) near forum name. The simple meaning is you have to register with the site before posting anything to it. However, you can read the threads but you will be not allowed to post on it.
  3. If you are not registered user, click on “Register” button to sign up. Create an account is so simple and easy. Enter your valid email address and follow the instructions.
  4. After creating an account, create “handle” by using the combination of upper and lowercase letters. Do not forget to put numerals 0 to 9. Type verification words in the box below handle box. After that, click on “Create Account” to finish the process.
  5. Now you will able to reply any thread. Choose forum and thread as per your choice. To reply specific thread, click on “Reply” icon at the top of the page.
  6. You can also create your own thread on new topic. Click on that option and return later to response created the post.
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