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People can Find Free Stuff on Craigslist Online Websites

Free Stuff Finder Craigslist Near Me 

Craigslist free things: In this era of inflation, everyone is looking for discounted appliances or products. People are trying to tighten their budget by finding free items or used discounted kinds of stuff. Getting free items rather than paying even a small discounted amount is more excited. Craigslist is one of the sources of which you can find such type of stuff. These items may not be as high-quality, you might find exactly what you are looking for. The following steps help for finding free products.

Steps to find free stuff:

  1. For finding free, visit the main page of Craigslist. The home page contains the dialogue box for searching.
  2. You should enter the words “Free Stuff” and the details of the city, the state of the country in provided space. It will show you some links. From them, you have to select “Free” link to see the list of free stuff.
  3. You can see so many advertisements for such items, select as per your liking. Note down contact details such as phone numbers and email address.
  4. Before buying such products, it is necessary to confirm from the owners. It may be badly damaged or you have to pick them in a particular way. After all, there is a maxim, “Beggars cannot be choosers.”
  5. It is not compulsory to pick items if you inquired about. You can decline owner if it is not as per your requirement.
  6. However, Craigslist this facility at free of charges, there are chances for scam/ fraud. People have to be careful before pickup free item/ items. The best way to protect yourself is proper information before picking them. Inquire about the person who offers such stuff for free.
  7. Always choose a public place for picking up any item. If you are planning to go at someone’s house, it is advisable to do during day time. If possible then take a friend at pick up location. Friends may be for safety purpose of moving large products.
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Finding Roommates for Free on Craigslist Online - Best Roommate Wanted Ad

Best roommate ad on Craigslist

Good roommate wanted ad: When anyone shifts from one place to another city, the first need is for residence. Craigslist is also providing the facility of roommate other than selling and buying stuff. Finding a roommate for sharing rent is the most economical way for the utility of cost. The user can find anything here. It is free to post any advertisement on Craigslist. The following steps will help the visitor to find such facility.

An easy way to find a Roommate on Craigslist

  1. You need to visit the home page of the Craigslist. You will able to see the option “Resource”, from that, you should select your location, state, city or metropolitan area near to you.
  2. After that, browse for “Housing” option. You will be able to find the heading “Room/Shared". Choose "Sublets/Temporary" as per your need.
  3. After clicking on that, you will see a box for searching. Search by typing "roommate wanted" or just "roommate" in provided space. You should select “All Housing" from the pull-down menu and click "Search" button.
  4. It will provide so many headings. You should select best appropriate heading as per interest and view the details. You can find their email address or any other contact information at the top side of the page. You may reply to the post if the details suits to you.
  5. You also can make an own post with all your qualities.

Create own advertisement & post a roommate ad on Craigslist free

  • Posting of any advertisement on Craigslist is free. Make sure that you have valid Craigslist account. Without an account, you will not be able to post anything on it.
  • To Make own advertisement, just go to left side of the main page of
  • The first step is to click on “Post to Classifieds", it will show the list.
  • Choose “Housing” from the list and click. Now, follow the instructions appear on the page.
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Find a Babysitter or Babysitting Jobs on Craigslist

How to find Babysitter or Babysitting jobs on Craigslist?

Craigslist is not only for selling and buying the product. It also provides some necessary services such as ‘Babysitting’. With the help of, the user can get a list of babysitters as per various areas. Following are some instruction that user should keep in mind before hiring babysitting facility.

1) First, you should go to the and find the city as per your choice. The main page will show the list of which you have to select “community” and then “childcare” option from it. You will be able to find a list of babysitters and nannies.

2) Find suitable babysitter from advertisements or make own. The advertisement should not contain any personal details. You have to mention the age of the children, experience requirements, any special services you want or fluency in the particular language.

3) Mention own personality in the advertisement so that agencies can get an idea about your expectation. Quoted Lines make advertisement firm and stern such as “Sleeping on the job is strictly prohibited" and "Our kids are very active and we need someone who will be alert at all times”.

4) If you get any response, screen out them.  Before giving the response to any advertisement, it is advisable to investigate thoroughly. You may ask for at least references and ask babysitter about past clients experience with them. You may ask questions related to background, responsibility, tardiness and any unexplained absences.

5) You may also invite babysitter for a personal interview. You can ask about their work and experience. If you want housekeeping facility from them, it is better to inform from first.

6) If it is possible, arrange an interview in the presence of your children and observe her behavior with your children. If you satisfied with interview and behavior, you can go ahead.

7) Most important question is about salary. Before conducting an interview, you should keep in mind the range of hiring fees. Salary may be based on the experience she carries. Deal successfully by checking prevailing market rates.

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