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Powerpoint Presentation or Slide Show Embed with Craigslist Posting

Insert powerpoint Slideshow Into Craigslist Ad

Powerpoint presentation in Craigslist: provides various features to give an attractive look to any advertisement. You can add a link, hit counter, keywords, photos, videos, images, etc. Besides this, the important feature is that it provides the facility of a slide show. A software-based multimedia slide show, movie, animated GIF slideshow can be inserted to an advertisement and embed it. It makes the advertisement more likely. The following are the steps that help users to create a slide show and how to insert it on a Craigslist.

How to create a slideshow

1) Websites such as,, and provides facility to create animated GIFs. You have to visit such websites to create it.

2) To create a slide show, you have to first go on the “Browse” Button of particular site and open file-selection window. This window will display hard drive's files. You should choose the file as you want to use and open it by clicking.

3) After that, go to the main page of the site. It consists various options, you have to choose “Speed” option to choose the speed of images to appear during the slide show. Choose appropriate speed as you want to show images to an advertisement.

4) The page will show you some buttons. Click on “continue” button for further process. Click on "Create Animation" or "View Your Animation" button. The site will display a slideshow with the text box containing URL to an animated GIF file.

5) You have to copy that URL address from the text box.

Add slide show to Craigslist

1) After preparing slide show, the next step is to insert it in Craigslist.

2) You have to open such advertisement in which you want to insert the slide show. Go to the "Posting Description" and paste the text “<img src=’copied URL address’.gif />”.

3) Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page for next process. Now, the slide show will be inserted in the advertisement.

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Way to Edit a Posting on Craigslist by Account or by Using Email

How can I edit my post on Craigslist?

Craigslist post editor: is an online classified ad site with billions of page views per month. They provide various facilities online by simply advertising. One can put an advertisement for selling or buying stuff. You can post advertisements mostly for free almost everything from selling an old TV or laptop, reconnecting or finding a new apartment. The advertisement consists all details about the item.

There are very simple two different methods for editing the advertisement. By following below steps you can edit it.

Edit a Posting on Craigslist by using Craigslist account

  • First, you have to go on the main page of Craigslist. Go to “My Account” link shown on the main page.
  • After that, you need to log into your personal account using the email address or username and password.
  • You have to go for finding the advertisement to which you want to edit. Go on the title page of the advertisement and click to edit.
  • Select the option "Edit This Posting" and do changes as you want. Submit it after the change made. Your changes will take effect immediately. Once changes made, refresh or reload web browser to verify to see changes made.

Edit a Posting on Craigslist by using email

  • To make changes, first, you have to log in the email account in which you received Craigslist email confirmations. Find the advertisement and locate the email sent by Craigslist. Open the link to edit the advertisement.
  • After selecting "Edit This Posting", make necessary changes. Then submit it by clicking on the “Submit” button.
  • Refresh or reload web browser to verify that changes have been made successfully.
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Way to Create a Craigslist Email Account

How to get a Craigslist email address?

Set up Craigslist email account: If someone put a real email address to the advertisement, every visitor can see the personal email address. Here we will discuss on Craigslist email notifications & account setup. Interested person can use it for communication purpose. For example, if you publish an advertisement for selling your car, you are expecting a quick response from visitors and you give your real email address. Any person can communicate through your email if you haven’t provided your phone number.

There are more chances to leak your information. Here, Craigslist helps to the user by providing an auto-generated Craigslist email address. Craigslist forward received email via Craigslist to your real email address. This address is a temporary provided to the user. It does not act as a full- fledged email account. They delete temporary email address after post expires.

Create a Craigslist Email Account:

The following are some steps to create a Craigslist Email Account:
  1. Craigslist serves people as per their location. A person has to go on Craigslist’s website as per the location. for example,
  2. The page will show you various categories. Click on the category regarding the transaction you want to go for, such as “Sale” or “Purchase”.
  3. It will also provide an option to create a new listing. The main page consists this option at the top of “Post”. You have to choose the best category from provided categories.
  4. The user can put real email address as well as anonymized. It is advisable to put anonymize email address as it is generated by Craigslist and there are no chances to release contact information. The user requires filling all gaps as demanded. Continue with it as per the direction.
  5. At last, you will be asked for a preview, confirm, accept and go for “Publish” button. It will publish your advertisement.
  6. Email address once generated, you can change or update it also. If you are a registered Craigslist holder, you can do such.
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High Value or Best Items to Barter on Craigslist

High-Value Barter Items

Best things to barter on Craigslist: The barter system is a very old method for transacting with giving or receiving cash. Here we will discuss on how to barter up on Craigslist? Barter means an exchange of items with useful products. This way saves money and carves new way to get items in exchange for others. Craigslist allows bartering on cars, boats, clothing, pets and many other items. The following steps are given for barter system.

Steps to follow for barter system:

  • One has to decide for which product he will ready for bartering. There may be household items or any services such as entertainment, gardening, child care, repairs, and tutoring. You should start with a small budget and then secure a commercial area for meeting and transaction. It can be extended by better services and upgrading the software, fax machine or printer. Developing own website for advertisement is the best way to expand the business.
  • To start a transaction, you have to visit Craigslist home page and select the city, state or country to find local advertisements offering items for barter.
  • The next page will provide “barter” option under the heading “For Sale”.
  • The list of barter items will be given in order of most recent to oldest. The user can read all details of the items of bartering by simply single click.
  • The seller has also provided an email address or phone number in the advertisement. If the user is interested in bartering, he may contact through provided contact details.
  • The user can deal with the seller either in writing or by phone. By accepting a counteroffer from both the parties, a deal can be succeeded.
  • Then after, the user can choose her/his own way for payment. Payment may be in the mode of cash or a cashier’s check authorized by a bank. Sometimes people also prefer PayPal for payment.
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Best Guide to Avoid Craigslist Buyer Spam

How to Avoid Craigslist Spammers?

Craigslist spam filter: In recent economic trend, sellers always develop new and creative ways to sell products. Craigslist is a free website that provides facility to an advertisement in right way and free of any charge. Sometimes people put only email address rather than provide a contact number to sell any product. So if you are really interested in buying product, you must have to mail such person and they caught you for spam mailing.

A genuine seller will always provide a contact number to transact quickly. Most Craigslist advertisers are honest but a few want email address so they can send spam emails.  Below are some suggestions to aware from spam emails.

Steps were taken to Avoid Craigslist Buyer Spam:

The user may follow following steps to avoid spam emails:
  1. Users are advised to create a new email account only for Craigslist advertisements. This will help to receive only useful emails and spam emails will store in the separate account.
  2. You should not open any unknown attachments or links while dealing on Craigslist received from anyone whom you don’t know.
  3. You should inform Craigslist by sending the email if you are receiving spam emails after using a site. The user should directly report to email provider or send a mail at for such issues of spam.
  4. Do not provide any personal information to the buyers or sellers. They might use them for pitfall.
  5. You should make sure about installing anti – virus software in current use. Using of such type of anti-virus provides security against spam. The filter is to be installed according to the need. It is also kept in mind that too high settings might stop receiving some important emails.
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