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Cautions to Avoid Homes for Rent Scams on

House for rent scams on Craigslist

Apartment rental frauds on Craigslist: This site is a great source for buying and selling of product as well as also provides rented a home in the specific area. Besides this benefit, visitors also found housing rental scams often advertised on Craigslist. It has provided some steps to keep in mind while searching for a rental house. The steps are provided below.

Steps keep in mind to Avoid Homes for Rent Scams on Craigslist:

  • It is commonly treated as a scam if someone provided rental house at comparatively at a lower rent than the prevailing market rate. For example, if you see an advertisement on Craigslist that “get three-bedroom rental property just for $1,000”, it might be a scam as seeing at market rate.
  • If you have a doubt about the property for rent on Craigslist, then go for more details. Ask for more details to the owner. The owner has provided contact number and email for a transaction. One should contact by using the "reply to" link at the top of the listing to contact the seller.
  • In reply, if the user gets any phone call or mail and owner says that they are living in another country and want to rent the house while they are gone, it might be a scam. This spam mails consist very poor grammatical errors and spelling mistakes. The owner probably asks user to provide personal information in response. These types of mails mostly spam nature.
  • You should not deal with the person without a personal meeting. Deal with local and known people. It is advisable not to send any check or money as a part of the transaction.
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Ways to Avoid Craigslist Scams - Prevent Tips

How do you know if your getting scammed on Craigslist?

Identify a Craigslist scammer: It is a free website that provides facility to an advertisement in right way and free of any charge. Anyone can find the best deal of selling or buying from various advertisements. There are more chances to receive spam emails. However, people can save themselves from this trouble by following few instructions. This will help to beware and recognized visitors from spam senders.

Tips to Avoid Craigslist Scams:

  1. You should demand meeting personally who wants to deal with you. Do not conduct transacts with the people out of the country. 
  2. Buyer should always buy the product after seeing it personally. There is a risk of fraudulent if you buy a product without physical handling.
  3. The user should sell products only those who agree with cash payment. There are many ways to go with fraud by sending a fake money order or cashier's check for the merchandise. If you receive these types of negotiation and bank proves it fake, you will be responsible for suffering for the whole amount.
  4. The user should not provide any personal or financial information to those connected with Craigslist. Never provide any Social Security number, bank account number, credit card number or any online auction or payment account information to buyers or sellers. These details can be used to defraud the user.
  5. It is better to arrange a personal meeting with buyer or seller with whom you are going to transact through Craigslist. If user advertises in the personal section for a male or female companion, it is advisable to arrange first meeting in a public place. Inviting someone unknown person at the residence or home may prove the wrong step. 
  6. You should sell the product at a safe and public location.
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Be Safe When Using Craigslist - Few Precautions

Precautions for Craigslist User

Craigslist safety tips for sellers & buyer: is useful to all people from younger to the elder. It provides vast sources of social networking, selling and buying goods or services and finding a job. It is almost free to use so there are more chances of fraudulent. People have to be careful while dealing on Craigslist as there are both good and bad people in the market. The user may make a safe transaction and take higher advantages just by taking few precautions.

Safe steps to be taken When Using Craigslist:

  1. The first advice to be safe is never meet a person in quite a place. Always choose the public place such as garden or restaurant for a first meeting. Always inform any friend of the family member when you out for meeting for any dealing or exchanging goods. It is also advisable to give a time about when you suppose to return at home.
  2. You should not guard down even you have met the person once and you feel comfortable with such person. Some fraud people are very professional in such way and then scam carefully.
  3. It is advisable not to post personal information such as home address, along with any financial information while dealing at Craigslist. 
  4. You should deal with contracts. Many people do writing work, web designing work without a contract. Always have a legal contract with you. 
  5. Dealing with local area people is one of the safest ways for Craigslist dealing. It will create less chance for fraudulent.
  6. One of the popular scams is shipping services. If you found that any transaction requires paying extra money for shipping service or escrow service, it may scam. If it is likely not possible to hand over any product hand to hand, better to use mail service or recognized delivery system such as UPS, FedEx or DHL.
The above steps may help you to secure from scams.

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My Suggestions to Advertise on Craigslist and Sell Items Faster

Tricks to Sell stuff on Craigslist fast

Best-selling tips for Craigslist: People who have ever use Craigslist for selling products; usually get surprised that some items sell very quickly, while others take days and even weeks to sell. Here are some tips to sell the products very quickly. You are provided following tips for a better result.

Suggestions for Sale Items Faster on Craigslist:

  1. You should properly wash or polish the item before putting for advertisement on Craigslist. Clean and dust free look earn the maximum attention of the visitors. This will help to sell the product faster. The visitor feels better to spend worth on smart looking products.
  2. The picture is a good tool to represent the item. Take the best picture of the product you want to sell. Craigslist provides an easy way to upload photographs.
  3. Mention maximum purpose of the items. First, determine whether it is multipurpose. For example, if anyone wants to sell iron rack, you should mention that it is used in a bathroom to arrange towels or in the kitchen to display ceramic dishes. It can be also arranged as a plant rack in the porch. These qualities catch the buyers to your advertisement. This will help visitors to think in different ways in using.
  4. After that, you should check your email account. Craigslist will send an email. You should check it and open the link provided below the page. You should respond to inquiries promptly. Visitors often send inquiries on multiple items. Failing to respond quickly will take the longer time to sell.
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Advise for Avoid Buying Stolen Stuff on Craigslist

Advice for Purchasing Stolen Goods Online

Stolen Stuff on Craigslist: Craigslist offers best deals because it provides local residents without traveling too far. The item, sold here, are good in condition without access use and almost comparatively at the low rate. If anyone finds that some product is going to sell at very cheap rate however it is in good condition, it might be stolen or obtained by fraud. Buyers can search for such items if it once sold or had made any transaction before. Below steps make you aware from any fraudulent.

Tips to Avoid Buying Stolen Stuff on Craigslist:

Craigslist not only provides an opportunity for selling and buying products but also give tips to aware from stolen goods. Following steps will provide a basic idea how to aware from such products.
  1. Generally, sellers avoid putting image of the product while they offering stolen products. Ask for the image to the seller. If he is unable to provide a product, arrange a personal meeting with the seller to see the product.
  2. You should get all available information regarding a product. After that find the same featured product online and note the price of it. Compare both prices with each other and estimate about the price difference. Theft items sold at a very low rate to get away from it.
  3. Accessories are the best way to identify. Generally, the genuine seller sells a product with accessories, if such are missing or not provided, it might be stolen.
  4. If you find the price of any product comparatively very low from market rate, just contact the seller by phone or email. Ask about the condition of the product and about all significant items. A genuine seller will provide the valid reason to sell and answer for suspicious questionnaires.
  5. You should ask for a serial number of the product if you want to go ahead with the transaction. You should not buy the product if a serial number is removed. It might be stolen and removed a serial number to make it difficult to identify. Such item should not be bought.
  6. Meet sellers personally at his residence only in daylight.
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Best Way to Advertise for Free on Craigslist - Putting Ad

Post free stuff / Items on Craigslist

Place an ad on Craigslist for free: The advertisement is the best way to sell any product. Craigslist provides this feature without carrying any charge. This is not so complicated. Anyone can put advertisement with less effort. Below steps help a user to post free Stuff / Items on Craigslist.

Advertise for Free on Craigslist:

  1. For an instant, a user has to visit Craigslist website. Location column is to be provided on the right side of the screen. The user has to search for state and country which will provide the appropriate link. 
  2. The top of the page will show the option “Post to Classified”. It consists list of posting categories. Appropriate category and should be chosen by a user. If want to sell an item then click on the "For Sale / Wanted". 
  3. If any category will not suitable for a product then the user should go back by pressing the back button on the browser. Insert the title and item name along with price, location and email address in the dialogue box and continue at the bottom of the page. A user will be asked for verification by typing verification words. Continue with it.  
  4. At last Craigslist will ask for a read through the terms and conditions to make sure for Craigslist’s policies. The user has to click on the "Accept the Terms of Use" button at the bottom of the page to continue with it.
  5. The confirmation message will be sent from The user should check the email account for such message. Received email consist a link by which user make sure to post after reviewing the advertisement. Click on the publish button to publish it and if want to edit, press on the edit button. It will allow the user to make necessary changes in an advertisement.
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You also advertise for a Missing Pet on Craigslist

Lost and found pets Craigslist

Craigslist missing pet: This site does not only provide the facility of selling or buying of products, but also publish the advertisement related to the lost pet. It is free of charge and read by about 25 million people every day. The following instruction will help to put a Missing Pet’s advertisement on the Craigslist.

Steps to put advertisement of Missing Pets:

It offers very easy way to post such advertisement. The steps are given below.
  1. The site has mentioned a local Craigslist for every major city. The user has logged in local Craigslist and clicks on “Post to classified”. It will provide “Lost & Found” under “Community” option. Here, both the options are provided. If anyone found missing pet then they also can put it under the label “Found”. This is an extra benefit.
  2. After that, one should make a title for lost pet under “Lost”. If any reward is offered for such announce then mention all in capital letters. A reward is an aggressive tool so that people pay attention to the advertisement.
  3. A brief description is to be given to the pet and also where and when it lost. The exact address is not necessary to provide but it is necessary to give the approximate area where the pet has been seen last.
  4. The user should provide a phone number, email address, and photo so that people can contact. An email link is to be inserted by Craigslist with an advertisement.
  5. Craigslist allows adding maximum three photographs in each advertisement. Before uploading it, a user can edit it by clicking on “Add/ Edit Images”. The photo should of good quality with color and marking of size.
  6. After uploading it, a user should check the email account for a confirmation email from Craigslist. It will create a hyperlink so that user may review and edit the advertisement before approving.
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Simple Way to Attach Video with the Craigslist Product

Adding YouTube Video to Craigslist

Add video to Craigslist ad: Craigslist develops connections with the people. It has a major advantage of new features such as image adding, video adding and hit counter. The video is one of the best ways to explain the features of any product. Craigslist also allow putting YouTube videos with an identical description of product, introduction and other details.

How to Add Video to Craigslist:

Craigslist provides a very simple way to add video attached with the product. Instruction regarding posting is given below.

1) The user has to go to a video site such as YouTube. Add selected video to the craigslist advertisement by copying URL address.

2) After that user should have to go with Craigslist and have to choose region, city, and country suitable to the posting. The user should Click On the top left corner of the page, then click on the link to "Post to classifieds." Choose the type of posting and location for the classified.

3) One should have to create a classified advertisement and copy the URL from the video hosting website. Complete the classified with demanded information which includes contact information. Now it will allow informing visitors about the video.

4) The user will now able to classified advertisement. The whole process should be done by using registered Craigslist account. If a user has not Craigslist account, an email should be sent with link. It is required to confirm the post before publishing it.

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How do I Import Photos from My Photobucket to Craigslist Ad

Import Photos from My Photobucket to Craigslist Ad

Photobucket is a very important feature of photo sharing to those who want to put pictures with the selling of items. Photos from this bucket give clearer and larger image than Craigslist photo feature offers. Use of this system makes transaction better.

How to Add Photos from Photobucket to Craigslist Advertisement:

It is a naturally very useful feature for the users to make advertisement better. For this, the user needs two things say Photobucket account and Craigslist account. Here are given few steps to use this feature to make the advertisement better.

1) The user has to create an account with Photobucket. Craigslist also provides facility to create a separate account for Craigslist items from the personal account, if anyone is going to sell a lot of items.

2) After choosing pictures of items, one has to upload them.

3) The user will be ably directed to thumbnails of photos after upload it. Go over the photo with mouse and a window will appear below the photo. A user needs to highlight the HTML code provided in the box and copy by right clicking on it.

4) If there is a necessity to edit a photo, just double-click on it and take to a different page. The HTML code will now appear on the left side of the screen. Click for once and the HTML code will automatically be copied.

5) After that, user need goes to Craigslist account and post the item wants to sell. After writing the description of the item, paste the HTML code from Photobucket and continue with the steps. Visitors may see the now advertisement with a bigger and better picture of the product.

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Way to Add an Image to Your Advertisement on Craigslist

Add an Image to Your Advertisement on Craigslist

Craigslist consist not only selling and buying facility but it also provides tricks to attract buyers toward items put to sell. Here we will discuss on 'how to post pictures on Craigslist ad?' If there is a good picture with any items put to sell or buy, eyes automatically were drawn there. Images made classified more useful to readers and visitors. Visitors can see the products put to sell on site which enhance them to buy the product.

How to add an image to Craigslist:

  1. Here are given few steps, which must be followed to post an image to the advertisement.
  2. The user has to go on the main page of Craigslist.
  3. It provides a geographic location so that advertisement can be viewed by other people in particular area or hometown.
  4. Choose the category such as "Furniture," "Lessons" or "Housing Swap". A user might provide option “New Category” for unusual or uncommon items.
  5. After that, click on "Post to Classified" near to the top-left of community's homepage. Select the type of posting like "For Sale" or "Housing". Then select the category, put on above step. The user may request for a new category if needed.
  6. Enter the information such as title, price, and description for advertisement.
  7. Choose the "Browse" or "Choose File" button beneath an "X" to open computer's files and hunt for the picture user want to appear. Click on the image and press the "Open" button. The red "X" will turn into a green "O” and the file name will appear in the box beside the "Browse" button.
  8. Examine the image. If it doesn't look the way as to want, use the "Edit" button to alter the appearance of the photo before it shows up in the advertisement.
  9. Repeat steps above two steps, if want to add more images.
  10. Verify the content and accept the terms of use. Advertisement along with the images will appear on Craigslist for up to 45 days.
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