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Help for Add a Hit Counter Tool to Craigslist to Count the Number of Visitors

Hit Counter to Count the Number of Visitors

Add a Hit Counter Tool to Craigslist ad page: The Internet becomes the large source of information now a day. Millions of people use the internet for various purposes like buying, selling, advertising, to get knowledge, and much more. If any website generates a large number of visitors, advertisers attract to post advertisements on that site. A Hit Counter is one type of tool used to count the number of visitors to a website.

Craigslist has a simple JavaScript feature, which helps track buyers. It is almost free to use so that a user can sell or buy items very easily and without paying anything.

How to make Hit Counter:

  • For instance, the user has to open a browser and direct it to ClMetrics.
  • After directing, you will able to see “Generate Code". Click on the link and copy the code that appears underneath "Installing on Craigslist Listing." Do not forget to take note of unique "Report ID."
  • The copied code should be pasted into Craigslist post and publish the piece.
  • One should Track visitors by visiting ClMetrics by typing the "Report ID" into the box in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking "View Report." Now, a user can enjoy Hit Counter facility.

How to add a Hit Counter to Craigslist:

Here, steps to add Hit Counter to Craigslist are given. One should follow them to post correctly.

1) Users have to copy the content src="" to the bottom of Craigslist advertisement.
2) After that, Add a < before the paste content and Add a > after the paste content without any space.
3) If the process is done correctly, JavaScript will count the number of visitors that view the advertisement. It will look like in given series: "0 0 0 0 0 1". It indicates that one person has viewed posted advertisement.

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Step by Step Guide for Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting

Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting

Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting: It is one type of classifieds portal that allows people to sell or buy products. It also becomes useful to find job opportunities, search for items and so on. Craigslist includes features, which makes the advertisement more attractive and useful. It allows users to add some related pictures, anonymous, links and email address with the advertisement.

How to add Google maps link:

  1. For the instant, a user has to create an account with Craigslist. It is free of cost. The user has to click on "Post to Classified" located at the top, left of the Craigslist homepage. After that, a user should select a posting category as suits to the listing. For say, "Event", "Item Wanted" or "Personal/Romance."
  2. Posting should be filled with all demanded information. Give a title to posting, provide general location and give a detailed description of the item in provided space. Verify the details as they are correct or not. 
  3. The user is now ready to map on Google Maps. One should select a correct location on Google Maps and click the "Link" button at the top, right corner of the map, double-click in the field under "Paste HTML to Embed in Website" and hold down the "Ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time to copy the code to the clipboard.
  4. After that, click cursor at the bottom of Craigslist advertisement and hold down "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time to paste the code. The user should Click "Continue” and verify the content advertisement. After that, agree to Craigslist's "Terms of Service" and click on "Post" to finish the posting process. The company will send an email to user’s email inbox. Google Maps will embed with the advertisement after few seconds which can be checked by clicking on the email received from Craigslist.
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You know, how does Craigslist Works for Sellers & Buyers?

How does Craigslist Work for Sellers or Buyers

Craigslist is a classified website, provides advertisements for transacting (selling & buying) of the items. It also includes job advertisements, selling or buying of houses, personal care and much more. Here we discuss on 'How does Craigslist Work for Sellers and Buyers?' It has an international scope as well as actively works on the local level. It includes simple features to operate so that one can find an easy way to open it and search important details or section.

The website has not fancy designs or images but looks very simple. The craigslist contains more classified advertisement pages than other websites. It allows its users mostly free of costly. But there are some pages which also serve with payment of nominal cost. It has more than 700 locations in more than 70 countries according to the site. It gets 30 billion page views per month and has an estimated 50 million users just in the United States.

How to Create Craigslist Account for Sellers & Buyers?

Craigslist provides very easy service to log in. The items put to sell or buy can be seen even if one has not an account with craigslist, but it is advisable to transact with safety. For creating an account, one should have to go on the main page of the website. Then click on “My account” link in the upper left of the page and then follow the prompts to create the account.

The information inserted with an account, keep safe with it. No one can see personal information of users as craigslist puts ghost email address on the official site. Ghost email will pass the message to the real email address of the user. Listing:

After creating an account, one should go to the main page of the area where the offers appear on the page. It shows first, latest offer/ listing put on the website. Some of them consist phone numbers and some of the email address. A user can use contact details for further transaction. If anyone wants to post some listing to the classified, one should have to click on the "post to classifieds" link in the upper left.

Pick the category where you want to put listing, choose a sub-category. Then enter the information and post it. Craigslist will forward an email from people interested in posted listing. The classified run for one week or as mentioned then automatically put down. There are some basic rules which should be followed by the users.

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May I Use a PayPal Account on

How to use a PayPall account on Craigslist?

Use PayPal on Craigslist: PayPal is one type of account which gives freedom and flexibility to pay in any way with securing financial information secure. PayPal makes possible online purchase and selling of items through the website. It includes as well as other websites. There are few conditions and factors that one should keep in mind while transaction.

Availability of Items:

The website includes a chain of items waiting to sell. Once item put to sell on the website, does not remove automatically after selling.


PayPal transaction provides invoice facility to all its users at free of cost. This is a basic advantage provided by PayPal. This feature is useful to keep the track record of the transaction.

Contact information:

PayPal provides the most useful feature, hiding contact information. Craigslist can hide the contact information for both buyers and sellers. Before going through business with a dealer, it collects all necessary information from both the parties. This becomes helpful if a buyer does not receive the item or payment.

Deal with local area:

Craigslist also deal locally whenever possible because it is necessary to see the product before buyer buys it or pay for it.

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Way to Buy Tickets on Craigslist for Various Concerts

Buying Concert Tickets on Craigslist Website

Buy Tickets on Craigslist: People often receive notification for buying tickets of various concerts, theater, and sporting events. An online buying ticket is one of the best ways to avoid the long queue. You can easily find such type of big events and online purchasing ticket option on Craigslist. The following are some steps to find tickets.

Steps for How to Buy Tickets on Craigslist:

1) Craigslist has provided a search option for searching anything. After inserting tickets in search dialogue box, “Tickets” link will be shown on the page. You can also select city, state or country name from the home page.
2) It will show a long list of areas. You have to click on the link on such area of your interest. The email address will be provided along with the advertisement. If the seller has provided a phone number, you may call him or send an email.
3) After purchasing the ticket, you have to pay for it. It is advisable to pay in cash rather than a cheque. It can reveal personal information and bank details to the sellers. Always prefer to buy from local advertiser than, a person out of town.
4) If you found that the seller is genuine, you may go ahead by paying in full amount.
5) You should not comply with the seller if he asks for wiring service such as shipping. They might be scammers.
6) It is a better way to meet personally rather than send payment and receive the ticket. By this way, you can authenticate the ticket personally. Craigslist have provided some tips to recognized authentication. The tips are given below:
  • You have to check whether ticket seller is a licensed broker. Generally, all sellers have provided this information on the website. You should also ask the person who has posted the advertisement. 
  • Check on the Craigslist if anyone has posted complaints about fake tickets.
  • Buyer should check all printed information such as venue name, location, event date and time and search for the event.
  • You should check for seat numbers on Craigslist posting and your seat number printed on the ticket. 
7) Follow the above instructions and enjoy your great event.

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Best Way to Contacting People on Craigslist

Contact people on Craigslist: Craigslist not only provides an option for selling or buying products but also helps in developing the connection with various people. At the time of posting an advertisement on Craigslist, more than 50 million people visit the page only in the United States. It provides so many ways to contact the person. When anyone posts an advertisement, he provided an option to put his actual email address and phone number.

If he uses an anonymous Craigslist email, all messages sent to that email address are automatically forwarded to the poster's actual email account. Following are some Simple ways to contact person on this site.

Way to Contact Someone on Craigslist:

People are not using Craigslist for transaction only, but it also provides a great opportunity for connecting people, arrange a date or romance. People may choose their best option in dealing. Here are common ways to contact person.
  1. The simplest and only way to get contact details is via an advertisement he posted on this site. 
  2. You can access the detail by clicking on the email address of such person. It will be shown as "". You should copy the same email address and paste into blank email message. Add the subject and your message then click on send button. After this process, you will able to communicate with the person who has posted the advertisement.
  3. Sometimes, you will not find an email address at its place. At that time, Read the whole advertisement. You may find the address between written texts in the form of advertisement. Craigslist user often posts contact information directly in the advertisement. It makes easy to the visitor to detect the contact details. 
  4. If any person has not provided an email address, there may be some other ways of detect contact information such as a phone number or a fax number. You may use them.
  5. If you find no any details, you can send him a poster note.
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File Complain on Craigslist Center – Note down Phone Number and Email

File Complain on Craigslist Center: Craigslist is a great source of selling and buying stuff online with relatively low price. It gives commercial freedom to the users. Many people make a part time income by selling items on Craigslist. Visitors may meet the false representation or fraud about items. Hence, it has provided facility to recognize false advertisements.

If anyone finds scams, he should report to the administrator of Craigslist. The user may complain about the scam by two ways. By “Flag” the advertisement as inappropriate on it or by sending an abuse report message to the administrators. The following steps may helpful to the people.

Craigslist Phone: 800-664-0633


Steps to insert a complaint on Craigslist:

  1. First, you should go on your web browser and find the offending Craigslist post.
  2. If you find the advertisement false or misrepresenting, Click the link under the "please flag with care" heading. You can specify as an illegal, prohibited service or as a spamming nature. For example, for cases of suspected fraud, click "prohibited." This will alert the Craigslist team to investigate this advertisement.
  3. After that, you have to open a new tab copy and paste it in the address bar.
  4. The page will show you various buttons. You have to go for radio button next to "report spam or scam" or "harassment/flagging". You may choose it as per nature of the complaint.
  5. You will ask for name and email address. You have to fill it properly and Select a location from the drop-down menu. You can describe the nature of complaint in the "describe the issue" field. You may insert to the post's Posting ID number for reference to the visitors.
  6. Now you are able to send an email message by clicking on "Send Email Message" option. It will be sent to the Craigslist administrators.
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