How to Search Craigslist Postings Only for your State

Craigslist offers an option to find items your area wise. Often you found that you cannot enter exact location of your area. To solve this problem, the site has provided another very useful way, which is given below.

(A) The Old Way to Search for Items on Craigslist for your State

  1. You should go to After that, select your city/ area or state from provided listing.
  2. If you could not find your city, choose nearby city. After selection, you will be taken to the Craigslist main page/ homepage. From here, you can search for items as per your liking.  
  3. You can search by category wise as well as sub category wise.

(B) The New Way to Search Craigslist for your state

  1. Sometimes you cannot find exact location or city or area. There is a site other than craigslist, named Search Tempest. It is also called as Craig's Helper.
  2. First step is to find "WHERE TO SEARCH" section which is under SEARCH TEMPEST LOGO. Then enter your primary zip code into the box and select how many areas you want to search around. There are also more options for search by clicking on the link next to the zip code box. By this tool, you can find very near place to your home as well as faraway places.
  3. After selecting zip code, select area around it in mileage. Then select the category and sub category from drop down boxes. 
  4. For example, you are looking for a sofa (furniture), for sale in your city and cities around 125 miles. You should enter in Zip code, and search within 125 miles of your city. You should choose the CATEGORY of "SALE/WANTED", and the SUB-CATEGORY of "FURNITURE-ALL". If you are putting post with image, click on the "WITH PICTURE" box.
  5. Now click on SEARCH NOW button. The page will show so many results for your city. You can scroll your mouse down the page and find suitable ad.

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