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Scammers and fake ads - How to spot fake Craigslist ads and listings

Spot fake Craigslist ads and listings

Many of website including Craigslist offers free posting of ads that’s why they also attract a lots of scammers and fake ads. Cyber crimes are common now days. Lacs of people every month deal online for used/ new items, rental apartments and jobs. A few precaution steps will save users from fraud. Check classified before drive off to meet a strangers and keep in mind following instructions:

Instructions before dealing on Craigslist

  1. Find ads on from various categories as per your requirements. If any post looks too good to be true, it might fake.
  2. Prefer deal with only local people. If you are selling anything, demand for cash transaction. Do not accept money order, cheques or other than cash.
  3. It is advisable to make a bill for relatively more expensive items. Always use another email address rather than your own when reply to any ad. Scammers generally use email addresses to send spam mails.
  4. To recognize fake ad, make two different accounts by using free email accounts that you do not care about. After that, reply same post by both mail addresses. If you get same reply to both Id in few minutes, it is fake.
  5. Fake post has different email address with same content in it.
  6. If you come to know about same ad in other cities also, it is probably fake. Scammers continuously post same ads in different cities to catch preys. For example, if you find job offer posted for Seattle, Denver and Houston, this isn't a real job. There may be occasional multi-city posts but they will make sense related to nearby area.
  7. Before replying any ad, investigate properly about its background. If you are going to buy any used item, please refer its price when it was purchased.