How to I Sell My Toys on Craigslist in an Effective Way

Many parents rid out of unwanted toys and to clean the house as well as earn money. You should post advertisement by making Craigslist account. Put toys online for selling and also get income. Basic instructions to make an ad effective are given below:

Steps to Sell Toys on Craigslist in an Effective Way

  1. Ad title should be enchanting and short. If you have only few toys to sell, mention their brands. If you have a bulk of toys, you may put as "Kid's toys for sale in excellent condition".
  2. Include lowest price to toys in “Price Box”. You can check price on EBay also. Do not tag them as they are new and unused. 
  3. In description box, mention your toy’s brand. Many parents get interested by just names like Fisher Price, Leapfrog and Playskool. But description should not be too large because parents do not have much time to read whole.
  4. If possible, mention operating process of toys along with other features such as it makes sounds; toys rotate or move when a button is pushed.
  5. Very important tag line is "We are a pet-free and smoke-free home" or “Cleaned and Sanitized”. Houses with small children wish to far them from pets and dust as there are chances of diseases, allergies or second-hand smoke from pet hair or smoke smells. 
  6. Put a clear, big pic of toys in the post. If you directly upload photos from computer, the pictures come out too small. Instead of this, use Photobucket tool or any photo sharing sites with html codes. Copy that code and paste in your main post. There is a vast difference between those two photos.

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