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Tips on Sell Designer Clothes On-line on Craigslist – Kids/Baby Clothing

How to Sell Designer Clothes On-line on Craigslist – Kids Clothing

Many of us houses are filled with clothing that either doesn't fit or is tragically out-of-style. We often tired from wearing same cloths. Cupboards get overflow with cloths. Clothing resale, consignment or stores will purchase clothes. Merchants put advertisement to sell a whole lot on the site. Even you can also put clothes to sale and earn money out of them. The below steps help you to post on-line for sell designer, kids, baby or used clothes on craigslist.

  1. You have to go to and login. If you do not have account, create free account with site. To make new one, click on “Click Here to Sign Up" link. Write user name and password and click for next section. Enter email address and type verification words in provided box.
  2. After filling all details, click on "Create Account". Craigslist will send you a confirmation code in account which you have typed in email box. Open an email and get that code to Login. 
  3. Insert the code in a box, accept terms and conditions and click on “create”.
  4. Once you created account, open main page of Craigslist and click on "Post to Classifieds". Before that, choose your nearest city/ location. Click on "For Sale/Wanted" link to sell clothing. "Clothing & Accessories" will be your sub category. 
  5. A will open with different boxes including a title, description and images. You can upload pics for post but it is not mandatory. If can avoid it. 
  6. Fill all gaps with correct details and click on “Continue” button. Your ad will post in few minutes.
  7. If you get asking mail or number from any buyer, transact with fair price. It is advisable meet buyers in a public place and during daytime. Deal safely and get side income.  
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Easy Way to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

Easy Way to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

By using Craigslist, people can advertise their stuffs or services for sale. They put thousands of posts every day. The site allows staying classified on the page for certain time period. After decided time period, they automatically removed from Craigslist. However, it hasn't an option to mark an item as sold out.

Hence, it is difficult to segregate them from new advertisements. For the sake of this, it is required to remove old posting. Removing outdated posting provides more space to other post and gives clear look to your account page. By following steps, you can delete unwanted posts:

Instructions to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

  1. First you have to login to your account by Click on “My Account” link appearing at the upper left corner of the page.
  2. Insert your email address and password which you use to connect with your account. Click on “Login” button after that and the screen will show a page with your active account.
  3. Search for a post you want to delete, by scrolling on the list of advertisements located on the page. Click on the “Manage” button located next to the post. The page will open with whole classified as you had posted earlier. 
  4. Click on the “Delete this Posting” at the bottom of the page. Within few minutes, your post will disappear from the site.
  5. If you do not active Craigslist account, you can delete the ad also from email you received at the time of creating a post. 
  6. There is another way besides above mentioned ways. You may use “Resent” option to receive email further. This option is useful when you do not have an account or old email.
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