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One can Spot Fake Money Order Scams on Craigslist

How to Spot Fake Money Order Scams on Craigslist

Online Frauds in money terms are common now days as online transactions are increasing day by day. Generally the scammers from Nigeria, Ghana and Eastern Europe prefer to use this type of scam on unexpected American sellers on Craigslist. Many people could not recognize Money Order scams though it has special features and watermarks.

One can recognize it by its watermark, paper quality, security thread and series of numbers. The following are steps to be taken by user to Spot Fake Money Order Scams.
  1. Go to the Craigslist and post an ad along with images and attractive title with description. Interested buyers will response to your ad. Sort those replies, who have offered you more price than you have mentioned.
  2. Start conversation with such scammer. You can notice inequalities and difficulties in correspondence language and insist to provide your personal information. He will push you in transaction and demand your mailing address, phone number and other personal information so that he can send the fake money order.
  3. Do not release your personal information. If you caught in it, you will receive the same envelope we use for money order. Watch carefully and note postage address. You may find that he is from particular region but you received postage from different address.  
  4. Carefully try to recognize money order by its watermark, paper quality, security thread and series of numbers. If it is from a big, trustworthy money order service such as the United States Post Office or Western Union, it should not fake. Other money orders may issue by private companies that might not aware by you.
  5. You can take such money order slip to the nearest local bank and ask to verify its authenticity. It is advisable not to send item until you receive funds in bank account.

How to Sell Books Online through Craigslist Account

Craigslist is an online site where anyone can sell or buy stuffs. For that, you don’t need even an account. If you have a bulk of books and want to release burden, you may sell books online. By following steps, you can put an ad to sell books.

How to Sell Books Online through Craigslist:

  1. First you have to go to the homepage of Craigslist and select city/ area from list. Craigslist does not allow to post in many area at one time. You should select city as per book language to get more customers. 
  2. If you are posting advertisement first time, look out for other posted ads. You will get little idea about how to write or give title and which details should be added. Prepare your post in a page/file before posting directly on the site.
  3. Click on “Post to Classified” button to create new one. Choose “For Sale/Wanted” option and select 'Books and Magazines’ from sub-category list. A new page will open with a title, a price, a description and an email address blanks. You may choose anonymous email address if you want to keep privacy. 
  4. Type keywords in detail box by creating enticing ad title and make it descriptive. It can be a list of books you are going to sell, a minimize description or a short statement about books with contact details. 
  5. If you want to upload gallery photo, click on “Add Image” and “Submit” it. Read thoroughly the whole posting and press on “Publish”.
  6. Go to your email account and open a new mail received from Craigslist team. A link will be provided to review post. If you satisfy with your classified, click on the 'Publish' link. Craigslist will take around 15 minutes to upload it on the site so wait till then.