Now Reader May Rates Craigslist Forum Posts

How to gives Rate to Craigslist Forum Posts:

Craigslist provides free posting on the site. Hence, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate genuine ad from fraud. After some scams, Craigslist decides to provide facility to raise rating for posts both for positive and negative marking.

Users get 10 credit rating points daily. They may use them for quality post or divide it up. To prevent self- rating, user receives this facility after a week (seven days).

Below steps should be follow to rate a forum post:

  1. For posting on Craigslist, account is not needed. However, to rate any post you must have a valid account on it. If you do not an account, make it by clicking on “Sign up” option on the main page of the site.
  2. After that, click on “Discussion Forum” or “Individual topic” bottom option at the homepage. You will able to see here a queue of topic. From that, choose an option for your interest from browser window. The discussion topic will appear on right hand side of the page when you choose “Individual Post”.
  3. Select rate appears on the top line of the page. For this, you must login to your account. After login, you will ask for a nick name or handle which will create your forum identity to associate with users. Fill it in the “Handle field”.
  4. You can rate a post now. If you have created an account less than a week, a message will appears, “You have used 0 rating points in the last 24 hrs. Your current daily ration is 0. Please try again later..."
  5. If you already have a handle with a point balance, select numbers of points to want to give to the post.  You can choose (-5) to (-1) numbers for uninteresting post and +5 to +1 for appealing post.

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