How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone

How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone
There are many methods to buy, sell or barter stuffs. You can buy them from market or mall or street. Even now you can buy them online. What about used items?? If you already have furniture but bored with their old one, what will you do? You have no choice other than throw out. But Craigslist has provided an option for it. You can put them on it for sell or barter/ exchange.

You can upload images and description also. But there is one restriction that you cannot post same advertisement in many cities/ area at same time. You can post it from computer as well as from mobile phone. Following steps will help you to post your ad from mobile phone:

Steps to Post to Craigslist from a Mobile Phone:

  1. First, check setting of internet to your mobile phone. Connect your mobile with internet service and navigate Web browser, open it with specification (If any).
  2. Type in URL address as and click to navigate. It will ask you for email address and password. Type them correctly and click on “Login” button.
  3. Your mobile screen will open with a new page containing many links. Click or press a key to "Post to Classifieds" to open it. You have to select a location such as city or village and then category for posting.
  4. Insert a suitable title to the post and write description to the ad. Fill it with email address and verification code and submit it.
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