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Want to Remove a Craigslist Account – Guide for How to?

Want to Remove a Craigslist Account – Guide for How to?

It is not mandatory to have a Craigslist account for posting any classified. However, if you want to manage your posts, account is necessary. It is advisable to post an ad after creating Craigslist account so that you can review your past ads and also manage them. If you haven’t much more use of that you can delete it or inactivate.

If you want to stop receiving mails from the site, you may take a step towards inactivity of an account. It will delete all your posts, current as well past. Deleting an account does not mean that you are far away from it. However, you can still post ads on website and also respond back or send emails. Following steps help in deleting Craigslist account:

Simple Steps Taken For Deleting a Craigslist Account:

  1. Go to the homepage of Craigslist and “My Account” on the left side of the page. Insert your email address/ handle name and password in provided box and click on “Login”.
  2. On the new appearing page, click on “Manage” link. All posts such as “Active”, “Pending” and “Expired” will appear which should be deleted before deleting account. Click on “Delete” option located at the top of each post to delete permanently. 
  3. After deleting them, click on “Setting” link located at the top of the page. Click on “Change” link and go at the bottom of the page by scrolling down. Choose “Help” email address and click, which will show you a new email message. 
  4. You can write here a brief note about reason for cancellation of Craigslist account.
  5. The management team will send you confirmation email for this cancellation.

Post an ad for Re-Home for your Pet which helps you to find a good Adopter

How to Re-Home a Pet on Craigslist

To make a Re-home for a pet, consumes a lot. Naturally, no one wants to leave up his loyal pet. But sometimes, because of job change, family change or less compatibility creates necessity of this. It is also difficult to find new matched house for it.

Re-Home a Pet on Craigslist

The simplest way is to posting online on Craigslist. It is free and safe way. You can post an ad for Re-home for your pet which helps you to find a good adopter.

The steps are given below:
  1. First you have to decide what type of home suits for your pet according to pet’s nature. For example, a large dog needs a yard house or playful puppy wants its owner ready to play with him.
  2. You should also keep in mind in which environment it likes to live. Pets always find a family environment as they pass through up till now.
  3. If you like new atmosphere/ home for your pet, step ahead with price determination. Decide a reasonable price for your pet. It is advisable not to post “free to good home” ads because this opens pets up to potential abuse.
  4. Put your advertisement along with images of your pet. Give your email Id and phone number (if possible) so adopters directly contact you. If you received any reply from adopter, ask questions about living, sleeping, playing, eating and be cared for your kitten.
  5. Decide a best buyer for him and arrange proper transfer mechanism. You should visit a new home first before finalize it. If it is not possible then, allow enough time to hang around with new surrounding before leaving it.
  6. You should take email address or phone number of new buyer so that you can stay in touch with them.

Now Reader May Rates Craigslist Forum Posts

How to gives Rate to Craigslist Forum Posts:

Craigslist provides free posting on the site. Hence, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate genuine ad from fraud. After some scams, Craigslist decides to provide facility to raise rating for posts both for positive and negative marking.

Users get 10 credit rating points daily. They may use them for quality post or divide it up. To prevent self- rating, user receives this facility after a week (seven days).

Below steps should be follow to rate a forum post:

  1. For posting on Craigslist, account is not needed. However, to rate any post you must have a valid account on it. If you do not an account, make it by clicking on “Sign up” option on the main page of the site.
  2. After that, click on “Discussion Forum” or “Individual topic” bottom option at the homepage. You will able to see here a queue of topic. From that, choose an option for your interest from browser window. The discussion topic will appear on right hand side of the page when you choose “Individual Post”.
  3. Select rate appears on the top line of the page. For this, you must login to your account. After login, you will ask for a nick name or handle which will create your forum identity to associate with users. Fill it in the “Handle field”.
  4. You can rate a post now. If you have created an account less than a week, a message will appears, “You have used 0 rating points in the last 24 hrs. Your current daily ration is 0. Please try again later..."
  5. If you already have a handle with a point balance, select numbers of points to want to give to the post.  You can choose (-5) to (-1) numbers for uninteresting post and +5 to +1 for appealing post.

How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone

How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone
There are many methods to buy, sell or barter stuffs. You can buy them from market or mall or street. Even now you can buy them online. What about used items?? If you already have furniture but bored with their old one, what will you do? You have no choice other than throw out. But Craigslist has provided an option for it. You can put them on it for sell or barter/ exchange.

You can upload images and description also. But there is one restriction that you cannot post same advertisement in many cities/ area at same time. You can post it from computer as well as from mobile phone. Following steps will help you to post your ad from mobile phone:

Steps to Post to Craigslist from a Mobile Phone:

  1. First, check setting of internet to your mobile phone. Connect your mobile with internet service and navigate Web browser, open it with specification (If any).
  2. Type in URL address as and click to navigate. It will ask you for email address and password. Type them correctly and click on “Login” button.
  3. Your mobile screen will open with a new page containing many links. Click or press a key to "Post to Classifieds" to open it. You have to select a location such as city or village and then category for posting.
  4. Insert a suitable title to the post and write description to the ad. Fill it with email address and verification code and submit it.
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How to Sell Something/ Stuff Online on Craigslist Website Using PayPal

PayPal is an account by which you can pay online by using Craigslist. It was made with Craigslist in 1999 to easy the procedure of payment. It is an online payment service as an alternative to checks, money orders and credit cards.

Steps to Sell Something on Craigslist Using PayPal:

  1. First, open craigslist site and click on "Post to classifieds" option in the upper-left corner of the page. The page will open with various options. Select “For Sale” category and “Sub Category” about what you are selling.
  2. After that, select location/ area nearby you. A page will open with new screen containing posting title, posting description and contact detail option. In posting title, add word PayPal to attract buyers who want use PayPal to pay.
  3. Insert reasonable rate in price box and your town or nearest city in “Location” box. In "Reply to:" box inserts email address, as given hide, anonymize or show. You can choose anonymous email address attached with Craigslist, by which buyers can contact you by email, but they cannot see your actual email address.
  4. Give brief information about item in the "posting description" box. Mention that you accept PayPal. If you want to add pic to ad, click on "Add/Edit Images" button and upload suitable photo. To add an image, click “Browse” and choose file from computer drive and “Continue”. You can upload up to four images.
  5. Open your email account, check a new mail received from Craigslist linked with post and “Publish”. After publishing, wait for reply from buyers. Say buyer to send his email address so that he can receive invoice and tell him to pay the invoice by PayPal when he receives it.
  6. Now open PayPal and login by clicking on “My Account” tab. Click on “Request Money” to get money. Write email address of buyer in "Recipient's email address" box. Select "goods" under "Request payment for" and Click the "Continue" button.
  7. You can review ad on next page and verify. Receive money by PayPal and deliver the item after receiving payment. 
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