How to Start a Popular Classified Website like Craigslist

Most popular site Craigslist is provides online free classifieds to everyone. Because of its popularity, there are numerous classified scripts to make a perfect market if you desire to start a website like Before purchasing script, look for the price, ease of customization, supporting search engine or not and posting a new sales advertisements.

Following steps help to start a website for business:
  1. Go for a popular web hosting provider such as,, and popular in United States.
  2. Login to web hosting provider and insert a name of the website you want to make in the domain name registration section of the site. Check availability status for website name in a search text field. Once you discover a website name and satisfied with, make the appropriate menu selections to purchase the name.
  3. Choose an advertisement website script, which might be same as Craigslist such as SoftBiz SEO Auto Classifieds Script,; E-Classifieds Script,, and the iLister General Classified Ads Script, They also permit to view demo versions of the administrator panel and website view before buying it.
  4. Prefer to buy that type of website that meets your requirements. After that, follow the website instructions for downloading the software package to computer.
  5. After downloading successfully, Log in to the control panel of your website by entering the website name in web browser address text field. Insert Login name and password received at the time of Website hosting registration.
  6. The page will open with icons. Click on "File Manager" icon on the Control Panel menu from the "Go" menu.
  7. To load the software package you have purchased, choose the "Upload" menu option.
  8. Then, type website configuration URL which was provided by the software company. It should be like or After providing URL, Follow the default menu options for configuration of the classified ads script. And select the "Finish" option to complete the installation procedure of the classified ads script.
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