How to Spot Car Buying or Shipping Scams on Craigslist

Scams are very common on as it provides free classified posting service online. You may find frauds in precious selling items dealing with high price. Car scams are popular on Craigslist in thousands of dollars. But, one can identify them by some sense of humor.

Before dealing with Car dealer, keep in mind some facts at the time of contact with seller. Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid car scams.

Instructions before buying car on Craigslist to avoid frauds:

  1. First Login to your account with valid account name and password for finding car selling ad. Click on “For sale” heading. Most of the scams are made by advertising used cars which are classic and rare.
  2. You should look for the list of expensive and rare cars. Generally scammers mention them with rare features but extremely less price than market price. Read thoroughly post and reply it via email. Generally they will provide only email address ant not phone number.
  3. He will reply immediately. If you asked for reason, he will mostly reply that due to an overseas move and difficulty in transferring the car into the new country.
  4. You also notice that the ad includes very limited information about seller’s identity. In some cases you will be given more information than required but with nature of fake.
  5. Ash seller to visit personally and never close transaction without it. In some cases, seller will convince to wire money or use a secure escrow service account to send money which you never heard or from a foreign country. He may ask to hold money until the transaction has been completed.
  6. Do not send money before actual delivery. You will lose your money and never receive car.
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