Guide for How to Post on Craigslist More Than Once

People can post ads as well as see classified without paying anything. Sometimes they want to post more than one post in same/various cities. But the problem is that duplicate posts are prohibited on Craigslist. You cannot submit same title or product to any two ads. To handle this problem, you should follow the below steps.

Know How to Post on Craigslist More Than Once

  1. Craigslist can create a valid account with only one phone number and one email address. You cannot post more than one post at the same time with same email account.
  2. To make various posts, you should have more than one telephone numbers and emails because once you sign up with; you will receive a call for verification process. You cannot make another address with same phone number. If anyone wants to post five classified at a time, he needs five different email addresses and five numbers.
  3. To create an account, go to After that, click on "My Account" on the upper left-hand side and click on "Don't Have an Account" to sign up. 
  4. Enter your valid email address and write verification code in given box. You will require inserting phone number and emailing address on which you will receive validation code. Before further process, you need to insert received code into Craigslist to create a valid account.
  5. Now start to post advertisement on the site but not in a same manner as Craigslist prohibits duplicate ads. Every time, post them with little change in title and description. You can add extra letters and symbols to the headline.  For example, if your ad reads "Cute Terriers," you can write it like "*@*_Cute Terriers_*@*" or "Cute Terriers______N5H896."
  6. Repeat the above procedure every time with different email addresses. But before posting, it is advisable to check each individual valid account.

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