How to Post Clickable Image Ads on Craigslist Classified

Let's check how to post clickable image Ads on Craigslist Classified. As we know offers to post categorized posts on the site at free of cost. It provides facility not only to write advertisement but also provided options to make it attractive. You can embed custom HTML code which link to an external website to provide visitors with further information and images link. The following steps help to post it correctly.

Steps to Post Clickable Image Ads on Craigslist:

  1. User have to open main page of the and click on “Post to classified” option provided at the top, left corner of the screen. Click on the suitable category you want to post an ad.
  2. Fill the page with all details such as title, location, description and price (if you want to give).
  3. Put your cursor where you want to add clickable image ant type code “<a href = ""><img src = ""></img></a>” without quotation in to post.
  4. Now open a new tab and navigate the images. Insert HTML code of images respectively. You can also upload them to your personal Web server or a free image host, such as TinyPic or ImageShack. After that, right click on the image, and click on "Copy Image URL" to copy UPL address.
  5. Simply paste it in HTML code between quotation marks within "<img src>".  For example, if image is located at "," your code would appear as follows:
  6. <a href = "" ><img src = ""></img></a>
  7. Then type the address to link into the quotation marks within the "<a href>" tag. Suppose your website is "," completed code would appear as below:
  8. <a href = ""><img src = ""></img></a>
  9. After completing above process, click on “Continue” button and review the post. Click to post it and go to your email account, a new mail will open with link. Open that link and check your ad. If you want to make rectify, click on “Edit” and correct it. After necessary changes, you can submit the classified.
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