How to Avoiding Apartment Scams on Craigslist - Beware of fake Rental Ads

The website offers free ads online to all. Hence, there are more chances of fraud. Often people caught in scams as they do not behave carefully with advertisements. The scam ad has some odd features to recognize them. It starts when there is an unbeatable deal on an apartment. Following are some instructions to catch scams about apartment/ rented building.

Tips to Recognize Apartment Scams on Craigslist:

  1. First, go to the main page of Craigslist and find out ad on apartments for rent on site. To check fraud, go for cheapest rate apartment located in expensive area and open post by clicking on it. Now you will able to see the whole post.
  2. Generally the post titled as “Urgent Require” to get rid of or sublet. The scammer may put a fake story about a sudden job move or another emergency. He will not describe him in detail but could mention that he is out of country.
  3. You may notice that these types of ads are written in very bad grammar and false characteristics. It also includes information irrelevant to the posting title. There may be appealing images that do not match with the offered rent. The scammer will request you for upfront deposit.
  4. It is advisable to Communicate through email. If you ask for visiting, he will deny you by saying that he need to ready to move or its current messy state or he is in a different country. They promise you to travel in vacation. The scammer will request you to wire money/ security deposit and promise to send the apartment's keys when he receives the money.
  5. Here, realize that this could be scam. You won’t get keys but lost your deposits even.
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