How to Make Stars for Craigslist Subjects with HTML Character Code

Whenever you surf on internet, you severally come across with attractive symbols and signs used to make an article, post or chat effective or describe as important. All websites do not support symbols but Craigslist supports. People always post numerous classified. Generally visitors do not pay attention to every post if it does not look graceful.

To make an advertisement attractive, Craigslist offers useful feature of adding stars. However, it cannot be done by simply with keyboard keys. For this, you have to use HTML character code. Craigslist will translate codes into the star shape. By following steps, user will able to make an ad attractive.

Steps to add stars in the post:

You need to follow some steps to insert stars or other symbols. They are easily available at Craigslist as well as other websites.
  1. The first step is to create a post. For this, go on and choose the option “Post to Classified”.
  2. After that, add a title to your advertisement and click wherever you want to make star to appear.
  3. There are different codes for different stars named black, white or any other.
  4. You can make white star with black outline by typing "☆" without quotation. You can make solid black star by typing "☆" without quotation. There are various codes to make different stars. All codes will start with “&#” and end with “; (semicolon)”.
  5. The stars will not appear as soon as you enter code. You have to submit such post after filling necessary details. After submitting, you can see that Craigslist automatically translate codes into stars.

You can get more symbols other than stars from "HTML Symbol Entities Reference" available at Copy codes as per you like and paste it into the title field when you make your Craigslist post.

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