How to Negotiate a Lower Price for Deal on Craigslist

Craigslist is a place where you can transact with all kind of stuffs easily and at minimum cost. Once you learn how to deal in it, you can make huge profit and save money. You can buy and sell products as well as negotiate or exchange them. You just need some patience and art to deal with people. By following steps, you can easily negotiate with them:

  1. Before enter into transaction, first you have clear in your mind about what are you looking for. Check for best offers. You can notice that some people are in hurry to sell. They are doing so because they need money immediately or they want to unload items. These are some situation, when people are in hurry to negotiate.
  2. You can find similar products which are put on the website lower then price. You can mark it as an evidence to negotiate better. In case of buying electronics or car, you may ask for extra features that specified product does not have.
  3. If possible then find any imperfection in the product which put for sell. Bring attention of the seller about that and act as you are disappointed with it and ask for seeing other products in better condition. This will lead you to lower price benefit.
  4. At the time of buying, offer paying price lower then you expect to pay, say 10-20% below the price. Seller will counter offer with little more price and you can get best deal with ideal price as you expected.
  5. You can also step ahead with barter system. In this, you can exchange your product with another product. By this way, you can unload your item and enjoy new product with/ without paying anything.  

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