How to Make Multiple Flags on Craigslist – Flagging is Good for Ad

How to Flag a Post on Craigslist - Flagging Tool

Flag Craigslist ads automatically: Craigslist provides a facility to place anything at free of costs such as events, dating profiles, house rentals, job openings, used items, and yard sale or garage sale. Anyone can post an advertisement without creating any charges. Hence, there are more chances to misuse of the site by posting violated ad or false description. These classifieds are inappropriate, nonsensical or annoying.

To foreclose this, Craigslist provides an option to “Flag” such kind of ads. Flagging does not remove them but to warn other users about the inappropriate ad. It is possible to “Flag” more than one time if you think that such post violates Craigslist's "Terms and conditions of Use" on multiple counts. The following steps should be taken to Flag.

Instructions to Make Multiple Flags on Craigslist:

  1. Go to the main page of craigslist and look for various postings. If you find any advertisement that spoils the credit of Craigslist, stay on that page. Click on the top - right corner of it, which shows you the box for flagging. You should now state the reason for flag such as “Miscategorized" or "Prohibited." The post will flag once.
  2. If you want to flag more, refresh your browser by clicking on “Refresh” button. It will re-load the posting. Now, you should click for a different reason. For example, if you clicked "Miscategorized" the first time, click on "Spam/Overpost" this time. You can do this several times as it never shows Flagger name.
  3. It is not advisable to click for the same reason. Click on various reason every time. Craigslist will automatically delete this post if it receives sufficient flags.
  4. Go back to ad to see whether it has been removed or not. You should check every day. If so many days have been passed and still it remains, it clearly stated that the site could not remove because of inadequate reasons to remove.
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