How to Give Online Ad for Sale a House on Craigslist

Selling own house is a daunting procedure as it takes long time period and huge agent commission. But now it is easy to advertise for “House for sale”. Following steps leads you for free publishing of house foe sale.
  1. First you have to visit Craigslist and select the city/ nearby area you live.
  2. The page will open with various options. You should choose “Real Estate for Sale" under the category "Housing" at the top of the middle column.
  3. Click on “Post” option appearing at the right corner side at the top of the page and select “I am offering housing". After selecting, it will show you parties. From which, you should select “real estate -- by owner".
  4. Fill the given page with required information by giving it exclusive posting title. Mention your asking price, number of bedrooms and specific location of your home. You can mention nearby road of famous building around your property.
  5. Generally, all postings contain same data so that complete remaining ad with email address and posting description. Description should be correct and contain all facts including special amenities you are offering. If you are regularly posting on Craigslist, you will be aware about this procedure.
  6. Images give perfect look to your advertisement. If possible, put some pictures of your home by clicking on "Add/Edit Images" button at the bottom of the text. Craigslist allows uploading up to four images. You can browse images from computer drive or pen drive or any other way.
  7. The next screen will show you terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, agree with by clicking on “I ACCEPT”. 
  8. You also can provide telephone number to automated account verification system of Craigslist. You may select the way to receive your verification code either by voice or text. You can receive code by clicking on “send the code!" button.
  9. Enter the code and submit your posting.

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