How do you Check or Report Fraud on Craigslist

From 1995- started, Craigslist serves numerous people every day. They put list of jobs, products, real estate, services, buy and sell products and earn part time on the site. Almost all services are provided here free, hence, there are more chances of fraud. Here, major roll is played by users, not the website owner. So it is user’s duty to report of any suspicious post or fraud on the site.

The below steps are given how to report on Craigslist

  1. First go to the and click on such advertisement. You can find them in various categories. The ads will be given in a single line text, click over it to open.
  2. The page will open with all options provided. Click on the “Flag” link located in the upper right-hand corner. You will be provided other options for flagging such as "miscategorized", "prohibited", "spam/over post" and "best of craigslist". Choose one from them to flag it.
  3. For suspicious case, choose “Prohibited” option. Do these again and again using different options every time to collect more flags. Whenever enough flags received to particular post, Craigslist will automatically delete it.
  4. User may send email about complaining to An email should be clear and with brief explanation and reason for suspecting.
  5. You may send a Report of scam to the Federal Trade Commission by using their "Complaint Assistant" page.
  6. Before making report, it is advisable to raise all evidences related to scam/ Fraud as much as you can collect.

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