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Know How the Craigslist Phone Verification Working to Pass this Easy

This website provides online transaction with stuffs. Users generally prefer it with valid Craigslist account. But many of users come across with the problem of phone number verification. The site does not accept a VOIP or other internet-based phone number.

The site has make this contact process some tricky. Many people use online contact form which never answer back. Here we have provided steps with Craigslist contact information which makes easy to operate in no time. Contact Info:

Toll Free Number: 1-800-664-0633
Phone Number: 415-566-6394 or 408-988-6395
Fax: 415-504-6394
President's email address:
Mailing Address:
1381 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

Step by Step Guide:
  1. For phone verification, you should call Craigslist phone number given above. The automated system will transfer your call to service representative (rep). You can call on any of provided numbers.
  2. The person will receive your call and listen your problem. As this problem is common to all, he already prepares to guide you manually.
  3. You may have to call back from your phone number rep requires to get your caller ID. Now your phone number will be verified and connected automatically with the email address and Craigslist account that was denied verification through the online process.
  4. After completion if verification process, you can login into Craigslist account immediately and post your advertisements.
  5. If anyone has more than one Craigslist i.e. one for personal use and other for business use, he needs to call again from second number. You have to call from each phone number for verification process.

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How to Negotiate a Lower Price for Deal on Craigslist

Craigslist is a place where you can transact with all kind of stuffs easily and at minimum cost. Once you learn how to deal in it, you can make huge profit and save money. You can buy and sell products as well as negotiate or exchange them. You just need some patience and art to deal with people. By following steps, you can easily negotiate with them:

  1. Before enter into transaction, first you have clear in your mind about what are you looking for. Check for best offers. You can notice that some people are in hurry to sell. They are doing so because they need money immediately or they want to unload items. These are some situation, when people are in hurry to negotiate.
  2. You can find similar products which are put on the website lower then price. You can mark it as an evidence to negotiate better. In case of buying electronics or car, you may ask for extra features that specified product does not have.
  3. If possible then find any imperfection in the product which put for sell. Bring attention of the seller about that and act as you are disappointed with it and ask for seeing other products in better condition. This will lead you to lower price benefit.
  4. At the time of buying, offer paying price lower then you expect to pay, say 10-20% below the price. Seller will counter offer with little more price and you can get best deal with ideal price as you expected.
  5. You can also step ahead with barter system. In this, you can exchange your product with another product. By this way, you can unload your item and enjoy new product with/ without paying anything.  

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How to Make Stars for Craigslist Subjects with HTML Character Code

Whenever you surf on internet, you severally come across with attractive symbols and signs used to make an article, post or chat effective or describe as important. All websites do not support symbols but Craigslist supports. People always post numerous classified. Generally visitors do not pay attention to every post if it does not look graceful.

To make an advertisement attractive, Craigslist offers useful feature of adding stars. However, it cannot be done by simply with keyboard keys. For this, you have to use HTML character code. Craigslist will translate codes into the star shape. By following steps, user will able to make an ad attractive.

Steps to add stars in the post:

You need to follow some steps to insert stars or other symbols. They are easily available at Craigslist as well as other websites.
  1. The first step is to create a post. For this, go on and choose the option “Post to Classified”.
  2. After that, add a title to your advertisement and click wherever you want to make star to appear.
  3. There are different codes for different stars named black, white or any other.
  4. You can make white star with black outline by typing "☆" without quotation. You can make solid black star by typing "☆" without quotation. There are various codes to make different stars. All codes will start with “&#” and end with “; (semicolon)”.
  5. The stars will not appear as soon as you enter code. You have to submit such post after filling necessary details. After submitting, you can see that Craigslist automatically translate codes into stars.

You can get more symbols other than stars from "HTML Symbol Entities Reference" available at Copy codes as per you like and paste it into the title field when you make your Craigslist post.

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How do you Check or Report Fraud on Craigslist

From 1995- started, Craigslist serves numerous people every day. They put list of jobs, products, real estate, services, buy and sell products and earn part time on the site. Almost all services are provided here free, hence, there are more chances of fraud. Here, major roll is played by users, not the website owner. So it is user’s duty to report of any suspicious post or fraud on the site.

The below steps are given how to report on Craigslist

  1. First go to the and click on such advertisement. You can find them in various categories. The ads will be given in a single line text, click over it to open.
  2. The page will open with all options provided. Click on the “Flag” link located in the upper right-hand corner. You will be provided other options for flagging such as "miscategorized", "prohibited", "spam/over post" and "best of craigslist". Choose one from them to flag it.
  3. For suspicious case, choose “Prohibited” option. Do these again and again using different options every time to collect more flags. Whenever enough flags received to particular post, Craigslist will automatically delete it.
  4. User may send email about complaining to An email should be clear and with brief explanation and reason for suspecting.
  5. You may send a Report of scam to the Federal Trade Commission by using their "Complaint Assistant" page.
  6. Before making report, it is advisable to raise all evidences related to scam/ Fraud as much as you can collect.

How to Give Online Ad for Sale a House on Craigslist

Selling own house is a daunting procedure as it takes long time period and huge agent commission. But now it is easy to advertise for “House for sale”. Following steps leads you for free publishing of house foe sale.
  1. First you have to visit Craigslist and select the city/ nearby area you live.
  2. The page will open with various options. You should choose “Real Estate for Sale" under the category "Housing" at the top of the middle column.
  3. Click on “Post” option appearing at the right corner side at the top of the page and select “I am offering housing". After selecting, it will show you parties. From which, you should select “real estate -- by owner".
  4. Fill the given page with required information by giving it exclusive posting title. Mention your asking price, number of bedrooms and specific location of your home. You can mention nearby road of famous building around your property.
  5. Generally, all postings contain same data so that complete remaining ad with email address and posting description. Description should be correct and contain all facts including special amenities you are offering. If you are regularly posting on Craigslist, you will be aware about this procedure.
  6. Images give perfect look to your advertisement. If possible, put some pictures of your home by clicking on "Add/Edit Images" button at the bottom of the text. Craigslist allows uploading up to four images. You can browse images from computer drive or pen drive or any other way.
  7. The next screen will show you terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, agree with by clicking on “I ACCEPT”. 
  8. You also can provide telephone number to automated account verification system of Craigslist. You may select the way to receive your verification code either by voice or text. You can receive code by clicking on “send the code!" button.
  9. Enter the code and submit your posting.