You Know How to List Rental Properties on Craigslist

People adopt so many techniques to reach to all classes of society. The best way is to advertise for items through various devices. Usually they prefer local newspaper, local cable or magazines. But it reaches to limited class. Craigslist provides an option to advertising online throughout world. If anyone has posted an ad, millions of people will able to know about your listing.

List Rental Properties on Craigslist:

1) For posting, the first step should be taken is sign in to Craigslist.

2) After that, choose the location/ area where you want to post. The page contains a multiple list of cities/ metropolitan cities. Avoid posting in more than one city. It is better to choose larger region so that you can spread it widely.

3) Choose “Housing” category from “Post to Classified”.  The page will open containing icon 'I Am Offering Housing.' It will show a list of titles such as ‘Apts/Housing for Rent', 'Office & Commercial', etc. Click on as you like and create a title. Title should be simple and effective.

4) Now mention the location, rental price and describe the property in “Description box”. It is optional and not compulsory.

5) The page will ask you for email address. Enter valid email address and re-enter to confirm. There is also an option whether you want to share personal email address. If you don’t want to give, go for anonymous option. It will create anonymous email address which is connected with Craigslist and different from your real ID. By this way, you will not receive responding mails directly but the site will send you.

6) Click on “Continue” button and read through. To verify, verification box will open, in which you have to type verification words and “Click”. If you are not satisfied with ad, click on “Edit” and elevate.

7) Read terms and conditions and click on “Accept the Terms of Use”.

8) Check confirmation mail in your mail box and wait for 15 minutes for posting successfully.

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