Guide to Add City/Location to Craigslist Website

Add Location to Craigslist Post

Craigslist change posting area: Craigslist allows users to deal with local people as well as connect internationally. It makes easy to buy or sell anything to local and world public. Sometimes dealing becomes difficult due to scam if they haven’t provided a location. Here, the site provides us useful feature to add city or area. However, not all areas located on it but you may request Craigslist to add a city.

For safe dealing, registered account is needed. Craigslist Forum will handle the question. If someone posts request, local community users with the same town will vote. After acquiring enough votes, the Forum may sanction the request. Here are some steps for sending a request for adding the location.

  1. Before sending the request for the new area, first, you have to check whether anyone has applied for it. To check, go to the main page for Craigslist’s Help and Feedback Web page. It will show “Cities/ Sites” link, click on it. Now you will able to find a list of forum posts on the left side of the page. This list has other requests who wish to add their towns to Craigslist.
  2. You have to click on “Login” link and access your account. The page will show you "Compose New Thread" link on the top side.
  3. After that return to cities page posted by the forum. The right side of the page shows a dialogue box "Lookup". Type handle name in the text box. If the user hasn’t such name, he may create new Forum Handle by typing a name as he like in the "New Forum Handle" text box and retype it in the "Re-type Handle" text box and submit it. The new name will be created.
  4. After that, Click "Return to the Forums" to back to the page. Now you will able to see your handle name. Click on that and click "Compose New Thread" located on the right side of the page.
  5. You can give the title in "Title" text box and also type a message in “Body" text box.
  6. After successful completion of this process, click on “review” button and on "Email Me All New Replies to This Thread" on the review page. If you satisfy with the post, click on "Commit".
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