You also advertise for a Missing Pet on Craigslist

Lost and found pets Craigslist

Craigslist missing pet: This site does not only provide the facility of selling or buying of products, but also publish the advertisement related to the lost pet. It is free of charge and read by about 25 million people every day. The following instruction will help to put a Missing Pet’s advertisement on the Craigslist.

Steps to put advertisement of Missing Pets:

It offers very easy way to post such advertisement. The steps are given below.
  1. The site has mentioned a local Craigslist for every major city. The user has logged in local Craigslist and clicks on “Post to classified”. It will provide “Lost & Found” under “Community” option. Here, both the options are provided. If anyone found missing pet then they also can put it under the label “Found”. This is an extra benefit.
  2. After that, one should make a title for lost pet under “Lost”. If any reward is offered for such announce then mention all in capital letters. A reward is an aggressive tool so that people pay attention to the advertisement.
  3. A brief description is to be given to the pet and also where and when it lost. The exact address is not necessary to provide but it is necessary to give the approximate area where the pet has been seen last.
  4. The user should provide a phone number, email address, and photo so that people can contact. An email link is to be inserted by Craigslist with an advertisement.
  5. Craigslist allows adding maximum three photographs in each advertisement. Before uploading it, a user can edit it by clicking on “Add/ Edit Images”. The photo should of good quality with color and marking of size.
  6. After uploading it, a user should check the email account for a confirmation email from Craigslist. It will create a hyperlink so that user may review and edit the advertisement before approving.
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