Way to Create a Craigslist Email Account

How to get a Craigslist email address?

Set up Craigslist email account: If someone put a real email address to the advertisement, every visitor can see the personal email address. Here we will discuss on Craigslist email notifications & account setup. Interested person can use it for communication purpose. For example, if you publish an advertisement for selling your car, you are expecting a quick response from visitors and you give your real email address. Any person can communicate through your email if you haven’t provided your phone number.

There are more chances to leak your information. Here, Craigslist helps to the user by providing an auto-generated Craigslist email address. Craigslist forward received email via Craigslist to your real email address. This address is a temporary provided to the user. It does not act as a full- fledged email account. They delete temporary email address after post expires.

Create a Craigslist Email Account:

The following are some steps to create a Craigslist Email Account:
  1. Craigslist serves people as per their location. A person has to go on Craigslist’s website as per the location. for example, seattle.craigslist.org.
  2. The page will show you various categories. Click on the category regarding the transaction you want to go for, such as “Sale” or “Purchase”.
  3. It will also provide an option to create a new listing. The main page consists this option at the top of “Post”. You have to choose the best category from provided categories.
  4. The user can put real email address as well as anonymized. It is advisable to put anonymize email address as it is generated by Craigslist and there are no chances to release contact information. The user requires filling all gaps as demanded. Continue with it as per the direction.
  5. At last, you will be asked for a preview, confirm, accept and go for “Publish” button. It will publish your advertisement.
  6. Email address once generated, you can change or update it also. If you are a registered Craigslist holder, you can do such.
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