May I Use a PayPal Account on

How to use a PayPall account on Craigslist?

Use PayPal on Craigslist: PayPal is one type of account which gives freedom and flexibility to pay in any way with securing financial information secure. PayPal makes possible online purchase and selling of items through the website. It includes as well as other websites. There are few conditions and factors that one should keep in mind while transaction.

Availability of Items:

The website includes a chain of items waiting to sell. Once item put to sell on the website, does not remove automatically after selling.


PayPal transaction provides invoice facility to all its users at free of cost. This is a basic advantage provided by PayPal. This feature is useful to keep the track record of the transaction.

Contact information:

PayPal provides the most useful feature, hiding contact information. Craigslist can hide the contact information for both buyers and sellers. Before going through business with a dealer, it collects all necessary information from both the parties. This becomes helpful if a buyer does not receive the item or payment.

Deal with local area:

Craigslist also deal locally whenever possible because it is necessary to see the product before buyer buys it or pay for it.

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