How do I Import Photos from My Photobucket to Craigslist Ad

Import Photos from My Photobucket to Craigslist Ad

Photobucket is a very important feature of photo sharing to those who want to put pictures with the selling of items. Photos from this bucket give clearer and larger image than Craigslist photo feature offers. Use of this system makes transaction better.

How to Add Photos from Photobucket to Craigslist Advertisement:

It is a naturally very useful feature for the users to make advertisement better. For this, the user needs two things say Photobucket account and Craigslist account. Here are given few steps to use this feature to make the advertisement better.

1) The user has to create an account with Photobucket. Craigslist also provides facility to create a separate account for Craigslist items from the personal account, if anyone is going to sell a lot of items.

2) After choosing pictures of items, one has to upload them.

3) The user will be ably directed to thumbnails of photos after upload it. Go over the photo with mouse and a window will appear below the photo. A user needs to highlight the HTML code provided in the box and copy by right clicking on it.

4) If there is a necessity to edit a photo, just double-click on it and take to a different page. The HTML code will now appear on the left side of the screen. Click for once and the HTML code will automatically be copied.

5) After that, user need goes to Craigslist account and post the item wants to sell. After writing the description of the item, paste the HTML code from Photobucket and continue with the steps. Visitors may see the now advertisement with a bigger and better picture of the product.

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