How to Find out Who Flagged My Craigslist Ad

How to flag a Craigslist ad to remove it

Craigslist flagging tool free: Flagging on Craigslist is a popular way to rate any advertisement or classified. Here we will discuss on the best way for Find out Who Flagged My Craigslist. It falls under two categories. If any person discovers humorous advertisement, he can flag it as “Best of Craigslist".

It is also possible that anybody recognized any classified as prohibited. At that time, if it violates the Craigslist Terms of Use agreement, he can flag it as a spam-related. So, flagging helps in categorized advertisement in good or bad. It is necessary to maintain the quality of Craigslist website.

Steps to find out Who Flagged Craigslist Ad

You can find the advertisement that flagged, but it is not possible to find who has flagged it. However, you can check it and remove violated content. Following steps will helpful for that.
  1. For any review, the first step is to go to “My Account” button. You will able to see messages or emails received in your email account connected with Craigslist if your any advertisement has been flagged.
  2. Check through all advertisements of past 180 days. If any advertisement flagged, you will find a word “Flagged” near the link. You have to open such advertisement by clicking on it or go to the mailbox which shows the same link. 
  3. After opening the classified, you should re-check it. It must contain something that is against Craigslist's Terms of Use. Review it to check if its content falls in line. For example, if you have posted an advertisement for a house, for rent or sell, and posted as “preference will be given to Christian tenants”, violates the Craigslist's Terms of Use. It must be removed.
  4. There is no need to remove the whole advertisement, instead of, you can change it. You can re- post the advertisement by removing any violated Terms of Use. 
  5. Craigslist never removes advertisements which fall completely within its Terms of Use Agreement.
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