High Value or Best Items to Barter on Craigslist

High-Value Barter Items

Best things to barter on Craigslist: The barter system is a very old method for transacting with giving or receiving cash. Here we will discuss on how to barter up on Craigslist? Barter means an exchange of items with useful products. This way saves money and carves new way to get items in exchange for others. Craigslist allows bartering on cars, boats, clothing, pets and many other items. The following steps are given for barter system.

Steps to follow for barter system:

  • One has to decide for which product he will ready for bartering. There may be household items or any services such as entertainment, gardening, child care, repairs, and tutoring. You should start with a small budget and then secure a commercial area for meeting and transaction. It can be extended by better services and upgrading the software, fax machine or printer. Developing own website for advertisement is the best way to expand the business.
  • To start a transaction, you have to visit Craigslist home page and select the city, state or country to find local advertisements offering items for barter.
  • The next page will provide “barter” option under the heading “For Sale”.
  • The list of barter items will be given in order of most recent to oldest. The user can read all details of the items of bartering by simply single click.
  • The seller has also provided an email address or phone number in the advertisement. If the user is interested in bartering, he may contact through provided contact details.
  • The user can deal with the seller either in writing or by phone. By accepting a counteroffer from both the parties, a deal can be succeeded.
  • Then after, the user can choose her/his own way for payment. Payment may be in the mode of cash or a cashier’s check authorized by a bank. Sometimes people also prefer PayPal for payment.
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