Best Guide to Avoid Craigslist Buyer Spam

How to Avoid Craigslist Spammers?

Craigslist spam filter: In recent economic trend, sellers always develop new and creative ways to sell products. Craigslist is a free website that provides facility to an advertisement in right way and free of any charge. Sometimes people put only email address rather than provide a contact number to sell any product. So if you are really interested in buying product, you must have to mail such person and they caught you for spam mailing.

A genuine seller will always provide a contact number to transact quickly. Most Craigslist advertisers are honest but a few want email address so they can send spam emails.  Below are some suggestions to aware from spam emails.

Steps were taken to Avoid Craigslist Buyer Spam:

The user may follow following steps to avoid spam emails:
  1. Users are advised to create a new email account only for Craigslist advertisements. This will help to receive only useful emails and spam emails will store in the separate account.
  2. You should not open any unknown attachments or links while dealing on Craigslist received from anyone whom you don’t know.
  3. You should inform Craigslist by sending the email if you are receiving spam emails after using a site. The user should directly report to email provider or send a mail at for such issues of spam.
  4. Do not provide any personal information to the buyers or sellers. They might use them for pitfall.
  5. You should make sure about installing anti – virus software in current use. Using of such type of anti-virus provides security against spam. The filter is to be installed according to the need. It is also kept in mind that too high settings might stop receiving some important emails.
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