Step by Step Guide for Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting

Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting

Add a Google Maps Link to a Craigslist Posting: It is one type of classifieds portal that allows people to sell or buy products. It also becomes useful to find job opportunities, search for items and so on. Craigslist includes features, which makes the advertisement more attractive and useful. It allows users to add some related pictures, anonymous, links and email address with the advertisement.

How to add Google maps link:

  1. For the instant, a user has to create an account with Craigslist. It is free of cost. The user has to click on "Post to Classified" located at the top, left of the Craigslist homepage. After that, a user should select a posting category as suits to the listing. For say, "Event", "Item Wanted" or "Personal/Romance."
  2. Posting should be filled with all demanded information. Give a title to posting, provide general location and give a detailed description of the item in provided space. Verify the details as they are correct or not. 
  3. The user is now ready to map on Google Maps. One should select a correct location on Google Maps and click the "Link" button at the top, right corner of the map, double-click in the field under "Paste HTML to Embed in Website" and hold down the "Ctrl" and "C" keys at the same time to copy the code to the clipboard.
  4. After that, click cursor at the bottom of Craigslist advertisement and hold down "Ctrl" and "V" at the same time to paste the code. The user should Click "Continue” and verify the content advertisement. After that, agree to Craigslist's "Terms of Service" and click on "Post" to finish the posting process. The company will send an email to user’s email inbox. Google Maps will embed with the advertisement after few seconds which can be checked by clicking on the email received from Craigslist.
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