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New York Gigs Craigslist: This site offers a wide range of products and services. The user gets the virtual deal on it by little efforts. To find music gigs on Craigslist is not an easy task. However, patience is necessary for that. There are opportunities to spread the name as a musician and get work for it. The user should have to be careful and wait till it does not get. Following are some steps to find music gigs.
  1. The first step you should take is to go to the official site of Craigslist. Select the city area that shows on the right side of the main page.
  2. You will able to see the “Community” heading. Under that heading, select “Musicians” link. It will show you almost every playing links.
  3. You should select “Music” link under the "Discussion Forums" heading. You will find dispersed gigs list under this section. Click on some link as you like and see all the details provided under. This is one of the good ways to start with local groups.
  4. You can describe your skills under the “Services” heading. By this way, everyone, who visits the section, will able to see your details and contact you through email or phone number.
  5. Make CD or DVD with a professional recording engineer and list it under your advertisement. It will create a great impression on the visitor’s mind.
  6. If you get any response or email, contact the same person and go ahead by fixing the meeting. Here, you have to be careful before meeting the person, as Craigslist is free posting website. If you are meeting any person, it is advisable to meet him in a public place with your friends.
  7. After meeting, decide the terms and conditions. Sending money on Craigslist is not popular way. Payment should be made under authenticated way as there are greater chances of scams.
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