Powerpoint Presentation or Slide Show Embed with Craigslist Posting

Insert powerpoint Slideshow Into Craigslist Ad

Powerpoint presentation in Craigslist: Craigslist.org provides various features to give an attractive look to any advertisement. You can add a link, hit counter, keywords, photos, videos, images, etc. Besides this, the important feature is that it provides the facility of a slide show. A software-based multimedia slide show, movie, animated GIF slideshow can be inserted to an advertisement and embed it. It makes the advertisement more likely. The following are the steps that help users to create a slide show and how to insert it on a Craigslist.

How to create a slideshow

1) Websites such as Picasion.com, Gifka.com, and Gickr.com provides facility to create animated GIFs. You have to visit such websites to create it.

2) To create a slide show, you have to first go on the “Browse” Button of particular site and open file-selection window. This window will display hard drive's files. You should choose the file as you want to use and open it by clicking.

3) After that, go to the main page of the site. It consists various options, you have to choose “Speed” option to choose the speed of images to appear during the slide show. Choose appropriate speed as you want to show images to an advertisement.

4) The page will show you some buttons. Click on “continue” button for further process. Click on "Create Animation" or "View Your Animation" button. The site will display a slideshow with the text box containing URL to an animated GIF file.

5) You have to copy that URL address from the text box.

Add slide show to Craigslist

1) After preparing slide show, the next step is to insert it in Craigslist.

2) You have to open such advertisement in which you want to insert the slide show. Go to the "Posting Description" and paste the text “<img src=’copied URL address’.gif />”.

3) Click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page for next process. Now, the slide show will be inserted in the advertisement.

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