Way to Buy Tickets on Craigslist for Various Concerts

Buying Concert Tickets on Craigslist Website

Buy Tickets on Craigslist: People often receive notification for buying tickets of various concerts, theater, and sporting events. An online buying ticket is one of the best ways to avoid the long queue. You can easily find such type of big events and online purchasing ticket option on Craigslist. The following are some steps to find tickets.

Steps for How to Buy Tickets on Craigslist:

1) Craigslist has provided a search option for searching anything. After inserting tickets in search dialogue box, “Tickets” link will be shown on the page. You can also select city, state or country name from the home page.
2) It will show a long list of areas. You have to click on the link on such area of your interest. The email address will be provided along with the advertisement. If the seller has provided a phone number, you may call him or send an email.
3) After purchasing the ticket, you have to pay for it. It is advisable to pay in cash rather than a cheque. It can reveal personal information and bank details to the sellers. Always prefer to buy from local advertiser than, a person out of town.
4) If you found that the seller is genuine, you may go ahead by paying in full amount.
5) You should not comply with the seller if he asks for wiring service such as shipping. They might be scammers.
6) It is a better way to meet personally rather than send payment and receive the ticket. By this way, you can authenticate the ticket personally. Craigslist have provided some tips to recognized authentication. The tips are given below:
  • You have to check whether ticket seller is a licensed broker. Generally, all sellers have provided this information on the website. You should also ask the person who has posted the advertisement. 
  • Check on the Craigslist if anyone has posted complaints about fake tickets.
  • Buyer should check all printed information such as venue name, location, event date and time and search for the event.
  • You should check for seat numbers on Craigslist posting and your seat number printed on the ticket. 
7) Follow the above instructions and enjoy your great event.

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