Simple Way to Attach Video with the Craigslist Product

Adding YouTube Video to Craigslist

Add video to Craigslist ad: Craigslist develops connections with the people. It has a major advantage of new features such as image adding, video adding and hit counter. The video is one of the best ways to explain the features of any product. Craigslist also allow putting YouTube videos with an identical description of product, introduction and other details.

How to Add Video to Craigslist:

Craigslist provides a very simple way to add video attached with the product. Instruction regarding posting is given below.

1) The user has to go to a video site such as YouTube. Add selected video to the craigslist advertisement by copying URL address.

2) After that user should have to go with Craigslist and have to choose region, city, and country suitable to the posting. The user should Click On the top left corner of the page, then click on the link to "Post to classifieds." Choose the type of posting and location for the classified.

3) One should have to create a classified advertisement and copy the URL from the video hosting website. Complete the classified with demanded information which includes contact information. Now it will allow informing visitors about the video.

4) The user will now able to classified advertisement. The whole process should be done by using registered Craigslist account. If a user has not Craigslist account, an email should be sent with link. It is required to confirm the post before publishing it.

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    I don't want to put a Youtube video on CL. I just want to put my own video to demonstrate what I am trying to sell on CL.

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