Help for Add a Hit Counter Tool to Craigslist to Count the Number of Visitors

Hit Counter to Count the Number of Visitors

Add a Hit Counter Tool to Craigslist ad page: The Internet becomes the large source of information now a day. Millions of people use the internet for various purposes like buying, selling, advertising, to get knowledge, and much more. If any website generates a large number of visitors, advertisers attract to post advertisements on that site. A Hit Counter is one type of tool used to count the number of visitors to a website.

Craigslist has a simple JavaScript feature, which helps track buyers. It is almost free to use so that a user can sell or buy items very easily and without paying anything.

How to make Hit Counter:

  • For instance, the user has to open a browser and direct it to ClMetrics.
  • After directing, you will able to see “Generate Code". Click on the link and copy the code that appears underneath "Installing on Craigslist Listing." Do not forget to take note of unique "Report ID."
  • The copied code should be pasted into Craigslist post and publish the piece.
  • One should Track visitors by visiting ClMetrics by typing the "Report ID" into the box in the upper right corner of the screen and clicking "View Report." Now, a user can enjoy Hit Counter facility.

How to add a Hit Counter to Craigslist:

Here, steps to add Hit Counter to Craigslist are given. One should follow them to post correctly.

1) Users have to copy the content src="" to the bottom of Craigslist advertisement.
2) After that, Add a < before the paste content and Add a > after the paste content without any space.
3) If the process is done correctly, JavaScript will count the number of visitors that view the advertisement. It will look like in given series: "0 0 0 0 0 1". It indicates that one person has viewed posted advertisement.

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