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Guide for Remove Highlighted Links on Craigslist – Delete Browsing History

Guide for Remove Highlighted Links on Craigslist – Delete Browsing History

The use of internet browsers is increasing day by day for browsing/ surfing. People generally use Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. When you click on any link, it stored on your browser and you can show your surfing by “History” option.

If you want to keep them private from those who use your computer, you need to remove history or highlighted link. You can delete all history or specified Craigslist History only. The below instructions are given to remove history from internet browsing.

1) Internet Explorer:

Open the main page of Internet Explorer and click on “Favorites” option located at the top right corner of the page. Now click on the “History” icon in the Favorite window. After that, select “Search History” From the drop down menu. If you want to delete Craigslist history, type ‘Craigslist’ in the search box. To delete the result, right – click on it and click on delete button.

Then click on “Tool” besides Favorite option and click on “Safety”. Now click on "Delete Browsing History" and click on “apply”.

2) Firefox:

Go to the main page of Firefox browser and click on the “History” from pop out menu on the left corner of the page and click on “Show All History”. A box will open with surfing details. Type “Craigslist” in search box and right click on the result. Choose “Forget about This Site" to delete particular site. To delete all, Select “time range to clear” and “Everything” from “Clear Recent History”.

3) Google Chrome:

First open the main page of Google Chrome and click on “Tools” at the top right corner. After clicking on “History”, click on “Edit Items” link and then “Remove Selected Items”. Choose "Done Removing Items" link at the top right corner of the page. to remove entire history from Google History, click on “Tools” and then press “Clearing Browsing Data” button.

Tips on Sell Designer Clothes On-line on Craigslist – Kids/Baby Clothing

How to Sell Designer Clothes On-line on Craigslist – Kids Clothing

Many of us houses are filled with clothing that either doesn't fit or is tragically out-of-style. We often tired from wearing same cloths. Cupboards get overflow with cloths. Clothing resale, consignment or stores will purchase clothes. Merchants put advertisement to sell a whole lot on the site. Even you can also put clothes to sale and earn money out of them. The below steps help you to post on-line for sell designer, kids, baby or used clothes on craigslist.

  1. You have to go to and login. If you do not have account, create free account with site. To make new one, click on “Click Here to Sign Up" link. Write user name and password and click for next section. Enter email address and type verification words in provided box.
  2. After filling all details, click on "Create Account". Craigslist will send you a confirmation code in account which you have typed in email box. Open an email and get that code to Login. 
  3. Insert the code in a box, accept terms and conditions and click on “create”.
  4. Once you created account, open main page of Craigslist and click on "Post to Classifieds". Before that, choose your nearest city/ location. Click on "For Sale/Wanted" link to sell clothing. "Clothing & Accessories" will be your sub category. 
  5. A will open with different boxes including a title, description and images. You can upload pics for post but it is not mandatory. If can avoid it. 
  6. Fill all gaps with correct details and click on “Continue” button. Your ad will post in few minutes.
  7. If you get asking mail or number from any buyer, transact with fair price. It is advisable meet buyers in a public place and during daytime. Deal safely and get side income.  
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Easy Way to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

Easy Way to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

By using Craigslist, people can advertise their stuffs or services for sale. They put thousands of posts every day. The site allows staying classified on the page for certain time period. After decided time period, they automatically removed from Craigslist. However, it hasn't an option to mark an item as sold out.

Hence, it is difficult to segregate them from new advertisements. For the sake of this, it is required to remove old posting. Removing outdated posting provides more space to other post and gives clear look to your account page. By following steps, you can delete unwanted posts:

Instructions to Remove Craigslist Posts from My Account

  1. First you have to login to your account by Click on “My Account” link appearing at the upper left corner of the page.
  2. Insert your email address and password which you use to connect with your account. Click on “Login” button after that and the screen will show a page with your active account.
  3. Search for a post you want to delete, by scrolling on the list of advertisements located on the page. Click on the “Manage” button located next to the post. The page will open with whole classified as you had posted earlier. 
  4. Click on the “Delete this Posting” at the bottom of the page. Within few minutes, your post will disappear from the site.
  5. If you do not active Craigslist account, you can delete the ad also from email you received at the time of creating a post. 
  6. There is another way besides above mentioned ways. You may use “Resent” option to receive email further. This option is useful when you do not have an account or old email.
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How to Reset Cookies - Identify and Remove Craigslist Cookies

Identify and Remove or Reset Craigslist Cookies

Whenever you click on any link or search for anything, your browser automatically save your searching history. Sometimes, people misuse this information if you are sharing your computer with others. They can show all histories along with Craigslist browsing history. This search information is stored in a way of cookies.

Cookies are performing a role of link between computer and a website's server. Once you remove/ reset cookies on your browser, it will appear with clear look and as it was at the time of first visit. When you are using different browsers, there isn’t a same manner to clear them. The different methods for clearing cookies are given below:

(A) Internet Explorer

  1. First open the main page of the browser by clicking on Internet Explorer browser. Open the “Tool” box from menu bar and choose “Safety” or “Internet options”.
  2. After that, click on "Delete Browsing History" and “Delete” option from “Cookies” box. Now close all tabs and box. To reset cookies, go on Craigslist.

(B) Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Firefox window form the screen and click on “Firefox” button from menu bar. Now click on "Preferences" and then “Privacy” option.
  2. The box will open with menu, click on "Firefox Will:" and then "Use custom settings for history". From provided options, click the "Show Cookies" button. To delete only Craigslist history, insert “Craigslist” words in search history field. Now click on "Remove Cookie" to delete all search history cookies. 
  3. To reset cookies, go on Craigslist website.

(C) Google Chrome

  1. Go to the desktop of your computer screen and click on Google Chrome icon to open it. The main page will open with many options in menu bar. Click on "Wrench" icon from the bar and click "Clear Browsing Data".
  2. Close all windows and visit Craigslist site to reset the cookies.
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How to Delete Posting from Craigslist - Remove Posting History

How to Remove a Posting from Craigslist Website

This is a site where the users put number of advertisements daily. They respond you by mail or call (if you provided phone number) and ask for your post. Sometimes it happens that you received mails even after your post becomes outdated or transaction on it completed. Though Craigslist automatically removes posts after specific time period allotted, sometimes need arises to remove or delete post.

To stop receiving unwanted mails, you should delete Craigslist post:

  1. You can delete specific post from account directly through original Craigslist post where you have first received your created post. If you have deleted it, there is also another way.
  2. Go to the main page of the site and click on “My account” to open it. Type your email address and password to access it.
  3. If you have not created an account, use alternative option. Go to the email which was linked with ad and “Publish” button. Click on such link and follow it. It also includes “Delete” option to remove post. Click on it and wait for some time. It will remove shortly.
  4. If you don’t have Craigslist or could not find post link or any other option for removing, you can use back – up plan. Find “Resend” page and enter the email address and password you used to set up the post. Craigslist will resent the email including post link and “Delete” option. Click on such option to remove.
  5. If you do not want to follow this long procedure, remember that they will be deleted automatically after specified period. In metropolitan/ large cities, this period is about one week. In small towns/ cities, this period is about 45 days. After that, they removed automatically. You do not need to delete them except you want to delete them before specified limit.
If you have any other query about delete/ remove posting history from craigslist account, then visit official site.

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One can Spot Fake Money Order Scams on Craigslist

How to Spot Fake Money Order Scams on Craigslist

Online Frauds in money terms are common now days as online transactions are increasing day by day. Generally the scammers from Nigeria, Ghana and Eastern Europe prefer to use this type of scam on unexpected American sellers on Craigslist. Many people could not recognize Money Order scams though it has special features and watermarks.

One can recognize it by its watermark, paper quality, security thread and series of numbers. The following are steps to be taken by user to Spot Fake Money Order Scams.
  1. Go to the Craigslist and post an ad along with images and attractive title with description. Interested buyers will response to your ad. Sort those replies, who have offered you more price than you have mentioned.
  2. Start conversation with such scammer. You can notice inequalities and difficulties in correspondence language and insist to provide your personal information. He will push you in transaction and demand your mailing address, phone number and other personal information so that he can send the fake money order.
  3. Do not release your personal information. If you caught in it, you will receive the same envelope we use for money order. Watch carefully and note postage address. You may find that he is from particular region but you received postage from different address.  
  4. Carefully try to recognize money order by its watermark, paper quality, security thread and series of numbers. If it is from a big, trustworthy money order service such as the United States Post Office or Western Union, it should not fake. Other money orders may issue by private companies that might not aware by you.
  5. You can take such money order slip to the nearest local bank and ask to verify its authenticity. It is advisable not to send item until you receive funds in bank account.

How to Sell Books Online through Craigslist Account

Craigslist is an online site where anyone can sell or buy stuffs. For that, you don’t need even an account. If you have a bulk of books and want to release burden, you may sell books online. By following steps, you can put an ad to sell books.

How to Sell Books Online through Craigslist:

  1. First you have to go to the homepage of Craigslist and select city/ area from list. Craigslist does not allow to post in many area at one time. You should select city as per book language to get more customers. 
  2. If you are posting advertisement first time, look out for other posted ads. You will get little idea about how to write or give title and which details should be added. Prepare your post in a page/file before posting directly on the site.
  3. Click on “Post to Classified” button to create new one. Choose “For Sale/Wanted” option and select 'Books and Magazines’ from sub-category list. A new page will open with a title, a price, a description and an email address blanks. You may choose anonymous email address if you want to keep privacy. 
  4. Type keywords in detail box by creating enticing ad title and make it descriptive. It can be a list of books you are going to sell, a minimize description or a short statement about books with contact details. 
  5. If you want to upload gallery photo, click on “Add Image” and “Submit” it. Read thoroughly the whole posting and press on “Publish”.
  6. Go to your email account and open a new mail received from Craigslist team. A link will be provided to review post. If you satisfy with your classified, click on the 'Publish' link. Craigslist will take around 15 minutes to upload it on the site so wait till then.

Want to Remove a Craigslist Account – Guide for How to?

Want to Remove a Craigslist Account – Guide for How to?

It is not mandatory to have a Craigslist account for posting any classified. However, if you want to manage your posts, account is necessary. It is advisable to post an ad after creating Craigslist account so that you can review your past ads and also manage them. If you haven’t much more use of that you can delete it or inactivate.

If you want to stop receiving mails from the site, you may take a step towards inactivity of an account. It will delete all your posts, current as well past. Deleting an account does not mean that you are far away from it. However, you can still post ads on website and also respond back or send emails. Following steps help in deleting Craigslist account:

Simple Steps Taken For Deleting a Craigslist Account:

  1. Go to the homepage of Craigslist and “My Account” on the left side of the page. Insert your email address/ handle name and password in provided box and click on “Login”.
  2. On the new appearing page, click on “Manage” link. All posts such as “Active”, “Pending” and “Expired” will appear which should be deleted before deleting account. Click on “Delete” option located at the top of each post to delete permanently. 
  3. After deleting them, click on “Setting” link located at the top of the page. Click on “Change” link and go at the bottom of the page by scrolling down. Choose “Help” email address and click, which will show you a new email message. 
  4. You can write here a brief note about reason for cancellation of Craigslist account.
  5. The management team will send you confirmation email for this cancellation.

Post an ad for Re-Home for your Pet which helps you to find a good Adopter

How to Re-Home a Pet on Craigslist

To make a Re-home for a pet, consumes a lot. Naturally, no one wants to leave up his loyal pet. But sometimes, because of job change, family change or less compatibility creates necessity of this. It is also difficult to find new matched house for it.

Re-Home a Pet on Craigslist

The simplest way is to posting online on Craigslist. It is free and safe way. You can post an ad for Re-home for your pet which helps you to find a good adopter.

The steps are given below:
  1. First you have to decide what type of home suits for your pet according to pet’s nature. For example, a large dog needs a yard house or playful puppy wants its owner ready to play with him.
  2. You should also keep in mind in which environment it likes to live. Pets always find a family environment as they pass through up till now.
  3. If you like new atmosphere/ home for your pet, step ahead with price determination. Decide a reasonable price for your pet. It is advisable not to post “free to good home” ads because this opens pets up to potential abuse.
  4. Put your advertisement along with images of your pet. Give your email Id and phone number (if possible) so adopters directly contact you. If you received any reply from adopter, ask questions about living, sleeping, playing, eating and be cared for your kitten.
  5. Decide a best buyer for him and arrange proper transfer mechanism. You should visit a new home first before finalize it. If it is not possible then, allow enough time to hang around with new surrounding before leaving it.
  6. You should take email address or phone number of new buyer so that you can stay in touch with them.

Now Reader May Rates Craigslist Forum Posts

How to gives Rate to Craigslist Forum Posts:

Craigslist provides free posting on the site. Hence, sometimes it is difficult to differentiate genuine ad from fraud. After some scams, Craigslist decides to provide facility to raise rating for posts both for positive and negative marking.

Users get 10 credit rating points daily. They may use them for quality post or divide it up. To prevent self- rating, user receives this facility after a week (seven days).

Below steps should be follow to rate a forum post:

  1. For posting on Craigslist, account is not needed. However, to rate any post you must have a valid account on it. If you do not an account, make it by clicking on “Sign up” option on the main page of the site.
  2. After that, click on “Discussion Forum” or “Individual topic” bottom option at the homepage. You will able to see here a queue of topic. From that, choose an option for your interest from browser window. The discussion topic will appear on right hand side of the page when you choose “Individual Post”.
  3. Select rate appears on the top line of the page. For this, you must login to your account. After login, you will ask for a nick name or handle which will create your forum identity to associate with users. Fill it in the “Handle field”.
  4. You can rate a post now. If you have created an account less than a week, a message will appears, “You have used 0 rating points in the last 24 hrs. Your current daily ration is 0. Please try again later..."
  5. If you already have a handle with a point balance, select numbers of points to want to give to the post.  You can choose (-5) to (-1) numbers for uninteresting post and +5 to +1 for appealing post.

How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone

How to Post Pics or Ad on Craigslist from iPhone or Mobile Phone
There are many methods to buy, sell or barter stuffs. You can buy them from market or mall or street. Even now you can buy them online. What about used items?? If you already have furniture but bored with their old one, what will you do? You have no choice other than throw out. But Craigslist has provided an option for it. You can put them on it for sell or barter/ exchange.

You can upload images and description also. But there is one restriction that you cannot post same advertisement in many cities/ area at same time. You can post it from computer as well as from mobile phone. Following steps will help you to post your ad from mobile phone:

Steps to Post to Craigslist from a Mobile Phone:

  1. First, check setting of internet to your mobile phone. Connect your mobile with internet service and navigate Web browser, open it with specification (If any).
  2. Type in URL address as and click to navigate. It will ask you for email address and password. Type them correctly and click on “Login” button.
  3. Your mobile screen will open with a new page containing many links. Click or press a key to "Post to Classifieds" to open it. You have to select a location such as city or village and then category for posting.
  4. Insert a suitable title to the post and write description to the ad. Fill it with email address and verification code and submit it.
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How to Sell Something/ Stuff Online on Craigslist Website Using PayPal

PayPal is an account by which you can pay online by using Craigslist. It was made with Craigslist in 1999 to easy the procedure of payment. It is an online payment service as an alternative to checks, money orders and credit cards.

Steps to Sell Something on Craigslist Using PayPal:

  1. First, open craigslist site and click on "Post to classifieds" option in the upper-left corner of the page. The page will open with various options. Select “For Sale” category and “Sub Category” about what you are selling.
  2. After that, select location/ area nearby you. A page will open with new screen containing posting title, posting description and contact detail option. In posting title, add word PayPal to attract buyers who want use PayPal to pay.
  3. Insert reasonable rate in price box and your town or nearest city in “Location” box. In "Reply to:" box inserts email address, as given hide, anonymize or show. You can choose anonymous email address attached with Craigslist, by which buyers can contact you by email, but they cannot see your actual email address.
  4. Give brief information about item in the "posting description" box. Mention that you accept PayPal. If you want to add pic to ad, click on "Add/Edit Images" button and upload suitable photo. To add an image, click “Browse” and choose file from computer drive and “Continue”. You can upload up to four images.
  5. Open your email account, check a new mail received from Craigslist linked with post and “Publish”. After publishing, wait for reply from buyers. Say buyer to send his email address so that he can receive invoice and tell him to pay the invoice by PayPal when he receives it.
  6. Now open PayPal and login by clicking on “My Account” tab. Click on “Request Money” to get money. Write email address of buyer in "Recipient's email address" box. Select "goods" under "Request payment for" and Click the "Continue" button.
  7. You can review ad on next page and verify. Receive money by PayPal and deliver the item after receiving payment. 
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If Craigslist Ad Ghosted - How to Fix Ghosting?

When your advertisement does not appear on Craigslist category page, it may be ghosted. When you received message that your post is uploaded but it does not appear on the site, it is called ghosting. There are so many reasons for it. If anyone uses same IP address, often post same ad, duplicating content or numerous external links or pictures on particular ad so many times, it may be ghosted.

The site uses various algorithms and automated programs to determine if an ad breaks regulations and limits. It is advisable to delete it instead of edit the old post. Because when you post a new one, it will appear on the top of Craigslist page.

When you edit the old post, it appears where it was originally intended. By following way, you may come to know whether Craigslist post is ghosted:
  1. Go to main page and choose “Post to Classified”. Post ad in usual manner by choosing city and appropriate section for item. Make an advertisement by giving attractive title, contact information, images and brief description about product. After filling all gaps, submit by pressing “Submit” option.
  2. After that open your email account and check a mail received from Craigslist containing a link of your classified. Click on “Edit” button if you want rectify any detail and press “Publish” button if you are satisfied with your post.
  3. Now wait for fifteen minutes as it takes that much time to post on Craigslist. It may take long time say one hour. So it is better to wait till that time.
  4. After waiting specified time, visit the particular section in which you have posted your ad. If you cannot find your ad and also not received an email that your post has been flagged for violation of the Craigslist terms of service, your ad has likely been ghosted.
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How to Start a Popular Classified Website like Craigslist

Most popular site Craigslist is provides online free classifieds to everyone. Because of its popularity, there are numerous classified scripts to make a perfect market if you desire to start a website like Before purchasing script, look for the price, ease of customization, supporting search engine or not and posting a new sales advertisements.

Following steps help to start a website for business:
  1. Go for a popular web hosting provider such as,, and popular in United States.
  2. Login to web hosting provider and insert a name of the website you want to make in the domain name registration section of the site. Check availability status for website name in a search text field. Once you discover a website name and satisfied with, make the appropriate menu selections to purchase the name.
  3. Choose an advertisement website script, which might be same as Craigslist such as SoftBiz SEO Auto Classifieds Script,; E-Classifieds Script,, and the iLister General Classified Ads Script, They also permit to view demo versions of the administrator panel and website view before buying it.
  4. Prefer to buy that type of website that meets your requirements. After that, follow the website instructions for downloading the software package to computer.
  5. After downloading successfully, Log in to the control panel of your website by entering the website name in web browser address text field. Insert Login name and password received at the time of Website hosting registration.
  6. The page will open with icons. Click on "File Manager" icon on the Control Panel menu from the "Go" menu.
  7. To load the software package you have purchased, choose the "Upload" menu option.
  8. Then, type website configuration URL which was provided by the software company. It should be like or After providing URL, Follow the default menu options for configuration of the classified ads script. And select the "Finish" option to complete the installation procedure of the classified ads script.
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How to Spot Car Buying or Shipping Scams on Craigslist

Scams are very common on as it provides free classified posting service online. You may find frauds in precious selling items dealing with high price. Car scams are popular on Craigslist in thousands of dollars. But, one can identify them by some sense of humor.

Before dealing with Car dealer, keep in mind some facts at the time of contact with seller. Here are a few precautions you can take to avoid car scams.

Instructions before buying car on Craigslist to avoid frauds:

  1. First Login to your account with valid account name and password for finding car selling ad. Click on “For sale” heading. Most of the scams are made by advertising used cars which are classic and rare.
  2. You should look for the list of expensive and rare cars. Generally scammers mention them with rare features but extremely less price than market price. Read thoroughly post and reply it via email. Generally they will provide only email address ant not phone number.
  3. He will reply immediately. If you asked for reason, he will mostly reply that due to an overseas move and difficulty in transferring the car into the new country.
  4. You also notice that the ad includes very limited information about seller’s identity. In some cases you will be given more information than required but with nature of fake.
  5. Ash seller to visit personally and never close transaction without it. In some cases, seller will convince to wire money or use a secure escrow service account to send money which you never heard or from a foreign country. He may ask to hold money until the transaction has been completed.
  6. Do not send money before actual delivery. You will lose your money and never receive car.
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Guide for How to Post on Craigslist More Than Once

People can post ads as well as see classified without paying anything. Sometimes they want to post more than one post in same/various cities. But the problem is that duplicate posts are prohibited on Craigslist. You cannot submit same title or product to any two ads. To handle this problem, you should follow the below steps.

Know How to Post on Craigslist More Than Once

  1. Craigslist can create a valid account with only one phone number and one email address. You cannot post more than one post at the same time with same email account.
  2. To make various posts, you should have more than one telephone numbers and emails because once you sign up with; you will receive a call for verification process. You cannot make another address with same phone number. If anyone wants to post five classified at a time, he needs five different email addresses and five numbers.
  3. To create an account, go to After that, click on "My Account" on the upper left-hand side and click on "Don't Have an Account" to sign up. 
  4. Enter your valid email address and write verification code in given box. You will require inserting phone number and emailing address on which you will receive validation code. Before further process, you need to insert received code into Craigslist to create a valid account.
  5. Now start to post advertisement on the site but not in a same manner as Craigslist prohibits duplicate ads. Every time, post them with little change in title and description. You can add extra letters and symbols to the headline.  For example, if your ad reads "Cute Terriers," you can write it like "*@*_Cute Terriers_*@*" or "Cute Terriers______N5H896."
  6. Repeat the above procedure every time with different email addresses. But before posting, it is advisable to check each individual valid account.

Know How to View Someone's Account Profile on Craigslist

This website provides online transaction facility as well as personal communication facility also. One need not to have a Craigslist account to manage posts at the site. It does not provide any personal information of particular person with his ad; however people can see public profile by creating handle.

They can make a “handle” under “Discussion Forum” and create a profile. Whenever anybody clicks on such handle, he will be able to see all posts and email address. By the following way, you also create a handle and see profile.

How to View Someone's Account Profile on Craigslist:

  1. It is necessary to have a Craigslist list account for finding any profile. For that, go to the and click on “My Account” link. If you have not account, just click on “Sign up for an account” given at the bottom of the page.
  2. The page will open, click on “Craigslist” button provided at the top-left corner of the page.
  3. Fill the details carefully with contact information and click on “I ACCEPT” to create an account.
  4. After creating account, go at the main page of the site and click on "Discussion Forums" heading. It will show various options, from that, choose “Add a Handle” located in the top-right corner of the page. Other person’s profile cannot access if you have not your own handle.
  5. Fill out details in “New Handle” form. The bottom of the page will ask for “Submit New Handle”. After that, click on “Return to the Forums” and choose one topic from list.
  6. For finding any person, type the name of particular person or email address used by him in a box provided at the top-right side of the page.
  7. Then, click on “lookup” option and person’s handle. The page will open and you can see one’s profile at the top of the column on the right side of the page.
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How to Posting Job Openings on Craigslist for Employers

Craigslist offers best deal between products as well as services also. One can easily find or post jobs on the site by some clicks only. You can get job from their and also put job vacancies if you are an employer. You can advertise for one city as well as more cities around it. The site provides so easy steps to make simple posting.
  1. First, you should go at the home page of It will show a list of cities, select the city at where you want to post job opening classified by clicking on such name. By this way, set city location.
  2. After that, click on the button “Post to Classified” to go ahead with job opening. The new page will open with many options; choose “Jobs” option from provided list. It contains so many job options such as 'Customer Service Jobs,' Government Jobs' and 'Security Jobs.'
  3. Keep in mind that Craigslist allows some jobs posting at free of cost but some, in major cities requires to pay fees. If you are posting job opening in many cities, you have to pay for it by credit card.
  4. The page will open; fill it with title, specific location, compensation and description. The posting may be simple or with all description such as salary, perquisites and references with contact information.
  5. After filling all gaps, click on “Post” button and review it. The screen will open whole ad and with “Edit” button. Edit it with if you want to make any changes. 
  6. After review page, open your email Craigslist account linked with posting. Review the post completely and make necessary changes by clicking on “edit” button. After completion of editing, press “Publish” button.
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How to Avoiding Apartment Scams on Craigslist - Beware of fake Rental Ads

The website offers free ads online to all. Hence, there are more chances of fraud. Often people caught in scams as they do not behave carefully with advertisements. The scam ad has some odd features to recognize them. It starts when there is an unbeatable deal on an apartment. Following are some instructions to catch scams about apartment/ rented building.

Tips to Recognize Apartment Scams on Craigslist:

  1. First, go to the main page of Craigslist and find out ad on apartments for rent on site. To check fraud, go for cheapest rate apartment located in expensive area and open post by clicking on it. Now you will able to see the whole post.
  2. Generally the post titled as “Urgent Require” to get rid of or sublet. The scammer may put a fake story about a sudden job move or another emergency. He will not describe him in detail but could mention that he is out of country.
  3. You may notice that these types of ads are written in very bad grammar and false characteristics. It also includes information irrelevant to the posting title. There may be appealing images that do not match with the offered rent. The scammer will request you for upfront deposit.
  4. It is advisable to Communicate through email. If you ask for visiting, he will deny you by saying that he need to ready to move or its current messy state or he is in a different country. They promise you to travel in vacation. The scammer will request you to wire money/ security deposit and promise to send the apartment's keys when he receives the money.
  5. Here, realize that this could be scam. You won’t get keys but lost your deposits even.
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How Can I Post My Resume on Craigslist to Find Employment

This website proves a successive instrument for job seekers who find jobs online. You can post your resume as it is free to use. There are millions of people visits for many purposes. Employers also seek for employees and search on various means. Before uploading resume online, everyone should keep in mind that it is a public site and you should work carefully with your personal information. Following steps help you to upload resume:
  1. To upload resume, first go at main page of Craigslist and choose the city/ area where you want to find a job or where you live. The open page will show you many options; choose “Post to Classified” at the left corner of the page.
  2. From the next page, click on “resume/ job wanted” and fill the space with demanded details such as posting title, specific location, email (anonymous or as you like) and posting description. Posting title should be attractive and catchy. Description should include your skills and achievements in brief but arranged.
  3. Posting description should contain your resume. It is advisable to keep ready your updated resume in Microsoft Word file. Copy your resume from file and paste here including email address.
  4. After that, select “contact” option which creates anonymous email address and protect original safe.
  5. Before submitting, preview your ad and click on “continue” if you are satisfied with it. If you find any false, click on “Edit” to correct it.
  6. You can also upload an image, if you like. Verify it thoroughly and insert verification word in provided box and press “Continue”. Agree with terms and conditions by click on “I ACCEPT”.
  7. Craigslist will send you an email. To check that, open your account and click on link provided with it. The same classified will appear there as on the site. Review carefully whole post, resume and press “Publish”. Your post will appear online within few minutes.
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Can I Post a Service Offered on Craigslist Classified

The website is a means by people search for selling/ buying stuffs, services, jobs, barter, and many more. Many people seeking for a home based jobs so that they can use their free time to earn extra money and can feel free financially. They can find a job of writing press releases, design websites or help someone.

Generally home parents retire persons, housewives and students find these types of jobs. The site has endless possibilities for hard working people. To Post a Service Offered on Craigslist, follow the following steps:

Steps to Post a Service Offered on Craigslist:

  1. Go to the and click enter button. Right side of the homepage contains a box, from which you have to select city, state or country.
  2. Click on “Post to Classified” from left side of Craigslist homepage and choose “Service offered” option and watch for suitable category from provided list. You should keep in mind that choosing a right category will leads you to proper response.
  3. The page will open with posting title, description of your services and e-mail address appears with show, hide & anonymous options. Provide a valid email address and phone number (if you want) and Click on continue button after filling all details. If you don’t want to provide your real email address, choose anonymous email option. Craigslist will create another address linked with your original ID.
  4. A link will be given from Craigslist to your email account, open it and check whether it is properly written. If any changes you want to make, click on “Edit/View” and change it. After necessary changes, “Continue”. You will be asked for security code/ verification code. Write them properly and submit it.
  5. Wait for replying mail from visitors and answer them promptly.

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Can I Post a PDF on Craigslist? – How to Upload Pdf File

Adding image or video makes an advertisement attractive. Craigslist allows user limited use of HTML and multimedia. To add a PDF file is not as simply as adding an image. User cannot use "Add an Image" option of the posting form, even if it is an image file.

It is advisable to post the download link to the file rather than upload PDF file to the third - party file sharing service. The below given steps helps you to upload PDF file.

  1. Visit third-party sharing website such as You should now go to the home page and read instructions to upload file. Generally all sharing services display a code after uploading a file on server. It can also be done with own server.
  2. After uploading successfully, copy URL address of such file. Now, go to and click on "My Account" link on the left column to login to your account. Insert your registered email and password in provided space.
  3. The page will ask you to select city for which you want to post an advertisement. Select city from drop down menu located at upper right column besides "post new ad in" and click on “Go” button.
  4. Choose an appropriate category to post an ad from jobs, services, housing, items, events, community or romance ads. The category title shows you a sub category, from which choose suitable and click “Continue” to direct at next page.
  5. After that give a suitable title, item price (if you wish) and location in provided space. Write description in “Description box” along with contact information.
  6. Now paste your copied URL of PDF file with text. Put an image by clicking on “Add/ Edit Images”. Images should be in the form of JPG, GIF, BMP or PNG format.
  7. Submit your post, clicking on “Continue” and review it. You can make changes on "Edit Again" and submit it. The ad will appear within 15 minutes on Craigslist.

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Can I Post Jobs on Craigslist for free or is there any Cost? is not a site for only selling or buying items but also a way to find a job. Job seekers can search for a job here. In major cities and small towns also, many employers put jobs on Craigslist as it is free to post except few.

Whether a large empire or small business, owners looking for employees to expand business. By advertising, they provide a unique business opportunity to new employees. Putting a job on the site is very easy process. Followings steps should be followed to post an advertisement.

Steps to put job for job – Seekers:

  • You should go to the Craigslist main page which shows various titles such as housing, community, services, and jobs and so on. Select “Post to Classified” on left corner at the top of the page.
  • Choose an appropriate category from given list i.e. “Job offered” and press “Continue”.
  • A new page will open with “Posting guidelines for jobs”, read whole page and click on “I will abide by these guidelines." Generally posting is free for all, but in some city pages, some fee has to pay for posting a classified to the site.
  • After that, you have to choose a category on given page. A new page with form will open. Fill all details with location, title, description and phone number (If you wish) and click on “Continue” button.
  • You will receive confirmation mail to your email account. Open it and see the link provided in it. You will be able to see the classified in email. Check it thoroughly, if you wish to make any change then click on “Edit/ View”. After making necessary changes, submit it.

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Know How the Craigslist Phone Verification Working to Pass this Easy

This website provides online transaction with stuffs. Users generally prefer it with valid Craigslist account. But many of users come across with the problem of phone number verification. The site does not accept a VOIP or other internet-based phone number.

The site has make this contact process some tricky. Many people use online contact form which never answer back. Here we have provided steps with Craigslist contact information which makes easy to operate in no time. Contact Info:

Toll Free Number: 1-800-664-0633
Phone Number: 415-566-6394 or 408-988-6395
Fax: 415-504-6394
President's email address:
Mailing Address:
1381 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122

Step by Step Guide:
  1. For phone verification, you should call Craigslist phone number given above. The automated system will transfer your call to service representative (rep). You can call on any of provided numbers.
  2. The person will receive your call and listen your problem. As this problem is common to all, he already prepares to guide you manually.
  3. You may have to call back from your phone number rep requires to get your caller ID. Now your phone number will be verified and connected automatically with the email address and Craigslist account that was denied verification through the online process.
  4. After completion if verification process, you can login into Craigslist account immediately and post your advertisements.
  5. If anyone has more than one Craigslist i.e. one for personal use and other for business use, he needs to call again from second number. You have to call from each phone number for verification process.

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How to Negotiate a Lower Price for Deal on Craigslist

Craigslist is a place where you can transact with all kind of stuffs easily and at minimum cost. Once you learn how to deal in it, you can make huge profit and save money. You can buy and sell products as well as negotiate or exchange them. You just need some patience and art to deal with people. By following steps, you can easily negotiate with them:

  1. Before enter into transaction, first you have clear in your mind about what are you looking for. Check for best offers. You can notice that some people are in hurry to sell. They are doing so because they need money immediately or they want to unload items. These are some situation, when people are in hurry to negotiate.
  2. You can find similar products which are put on the website lower then price. You can mark it as an evidence to negotiate better. In case of buying electronics or car, you may ask for extra features that specified product does not have.
  3. If possible then find any imperfection in the product which put for sell. Bring attention of the seller about that and act as you are disappointed with it and ask for seeing other products in better condition. This will lead you to lower price benefit.
  4. At the time of buying, offer paying price lower then you expect to pay, say 10-20% below the price. Seller will counter offer with little more price and you can get best deal with ideal price as you expected.
  5. You can also step ahead with barter system. In this, you can exchange your product with another product. By this way, you can unload your item and enjoy new product with/ without paying anything.  

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How to Make Stars for Craigslist Subjects with HTML Character Code

Whenever you surf on internet, you severally come across with attractive symbols and signs used to make an article, post or chat effective or describe as important. All websites do not support symbols but Craigslist supports. People always post numerous classified. Generally visitors do not pay attention to every post if it does not look graceful.

To make an advertisement attractive, Craigslist offers useful feature of adding stars. However, it cannot be done by simply with keyboard keys. For this, you have to use HTML character code. Craigslist will translate codes into the star shape. By following steps, user will able to make an ad attractive.

Steps to add stars in the post:

You need to follow some steps to insert stars or other symbols. They are easily available at Craigslist as well as other websites.
  1. The first step is to create a post. For this, go on and choose the option “Post to Classified”.
  2. After that, add a title to your advertisement and click wherever you want to make star to appear.
  3. There are different codes for different stars named black, white or any other.
  4. You can make white star with black outline by typing "☆" without quotation. You can make solid black star by typing "☆" without quotation. There are various codes to make different stars. All codes will start with “&#” and end with “; (semicolon)”.
  5. The stars will not appear as soon as you enter code. You have to submit such post after filling necessary details. After submitting, you can see that Craigslist automatically translate codes into stars.

You can get more symbols other than stars from "HTML Symbol Entities Reference" available at Copy codes as per you like and paste it into the title field when you make your Craigslist post.

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How do you Check or Report Fraud on Craigslist

From 1995- started, Craigslist serves numerous people every day. They put list of jobs, products, real estate, services, buy and sell products and earn part time on the site. Almost all services are provided here free, hence, there are more chances of fraud. Here, major roll is played by users, not the website owner. So it is user’s duty to report of any suspicious post or fraud on the site.

The below steps are given how to report on Craigslist

  1. First go to the and click on such advertisement. You can find them in various categories. The ads will be given in a single line text, click over it to open.
  2. The page will open with all options provided. Click on the “Flag” link located in the upper right-hand corner. You will be provided other options for flagging such as "miscategorized", "prohibited", "spam/over post" and "best of craigslist". Choose one from them to flag it.
  3. For suspicious case, choose “Prohibited” option. Do these again and again using different options every time to collect more flags. Whenever enough flags received to particular post, Craigslist will automatically delete it.
  4. User may send email about complaining to An email should be clear and with brief explanation and reason for suspecting.
  5. You may send a Report of scam to the Federal Trade Commission by using their "Complaint Assistant" page.
  6. Before making report, it is advisable to raise all evidences related to scam/ Fraud as much as you can collect.

How to Give Online Ad for Sale a House on Craigslist

Selling own house is a daunting procedure as it takes long time period and huge agent commission. But now it is easy to advertise for “House for sale”. Following steps leads you for free publishing of house foe sale.
  1. First you have to visit Craigslist and select the city/ nearby area you live.
  2. The page will open with various options. You should choose “Real Estate for Sale" under the category "Housing" at the top of the middle column.
  3. Click on “Post” option appearing at the right corner side at the top of the page and select “I am offering housing". After selecting, it will show you parties. From which, you should select “real estate -- by owner".
  4. Fill the given page with required information by giving it exclusive posting title. Mention your asking price, number of bedrooms and specific location of your home. You can mention nearby road of famous building around your property.
  5. Generally, all postings contain same data so that complete remaining ad with email address and posting description. Description should be correct and contain all facts including special amenities you are offering. If you are regularly posting on Craigslist, you will be aware about this procedure.
  6. Images give perfect look to your advertisement. If possible, put some pictures of your home by clicking on "Add/Edit Images" button at the bottom of the text. Craigslist allows uploading up to four images. You can browse images from computer drive or pen drive or any other way.
  7. The next screen will show you terms and conditions at the bottom of the page, agree with by clicking on “I ACCEPT”. 
  8. You also can provide telephone number to automated account verification system of Craigslist. You may select the way to receive your verification code either by voice or text. You can receive code by clicking on “send the code!" button.
  9. Enter the code and submit your posting.

You Know How to List Rental Properties on Craigslist

People adopt so many techniques to reach to all classes of society. The best way is to advertise for items through various devices. Usually they prefer local newspaper, local cable or magazines. But it reaches to limited class. Craigslist provides an option to advertising online throughout world. If anyone has posted an ad, millions of people will able to know about your listing.

List Rental Properties on Craigslist:

1) For posting, the first step should be taken is sign in to Craigslist.

2) After that, choose the location/ area where you want to post. The page contains a multiple list of cities/ metropolitan cities. Avoid posting in more than one city. It is better to choose larger region so that you can spread it widely.

3) Choose “Housing” category from “Post to Classified”.  The page will open containing icon 'I Am Offering Housing.' It will show a list of titles such as ‘Apts/Housing for Rent', 'Office & Commercial', etc. Click on as you like and create a title. Title should be simple and effective.

4) Now mention the location, rental price and describe the property in “Description box”. It is optional and not compulsory.

5) The page will ask you for email address. Enter valid email address and re-enter to confirm. There is also an option whether you want to share personal email address. If you don’t want to give, go for anonymous option. It will create anonymous email address which is connected with Craigslist and different from your real ID. By this way, you will not receive responding mails directly but the site will send you.

6) Click on “Continue” button and read through. To verify, verification box will open, in which you have to type verification words and “Click”. If you are not satisfied with ad, click on “Edit” and elevate.

7) Read terms and conditions and click on “Accept the Terms of Use”.

8) Check confirmation mail in your mail box and wait for 15 minutes for posting successfully.