How to Post Clickable Image Ads on Craigslist Classified

Let's check how to post clickable image Ads on Craigslist Classified. As we know offers to post categorized posts on the site at free of cost. It provides facility not only to write advertisement but also provided options to make it attractive. You can embed custom HTML code which link to an external website to provide visitors with further information and images link. The following steps help to post it correctly.

Steps to Post Clickable Image Ads on Craigslist:

  1. User have to open main page of the and click on “Post to classified” option provided at the top, left corner of the screen. Click on the suitable category you want to post an ad.
  2. Fill the page with all details such as title, location, description and price (if you want to give).
  3. Put your cursor where you want to add clickable image ant type code “<a href = ""><img src = ""></img></a>” without quotation in to post.
  4. Now open a new tab and navigate the images. Insert HTML code of images respectively. You can also upload them to your personal Web server or a free image host, such as TinyPic or ImageShack. After that, right click on the image, and click on "Copy Image URL" to copy UPL address.
  5. Simply paste it in HTML code between quotation marks within "<img src>".  For example, if image is located at "," your code would appear as follows:
  6. <a href = "" ><img src = ""></img></a>
  7. Then type the address to link into the quotation marks within the "<a href>" tag. Suppose your website is "," completed code would appear as below:
  8. <a href = ""><img src = ""></img></a>
  9. After completing above process, click on “Continue” button and review the post. Click to post it and go to your email account, a new mail will open with link. Open that link and check your ad. If you want to make rectify, click on “Edit” and correct it. After necessary changes, you can submit the classified.
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Add Keywords on Your Craigslist Post is Very Easy

How to add keywords to Craigslist ad?

Add Keywords to Craigslist Post: People put the ad on the Craigslist, to sell and buy products. It is most important to attract customer to sell the products. Keywords play an important role in it. User to can use Meta tags to supply data. Craigslist advises users to craft post in right language by using keywords wisely.

Use keywords when posting on Craigslist because this technic helps to come up first in searches. With this trick, there is good chance for your Ad get visibility to the top.

Steps to Add Keywords on Craigslist Post:

The user can put right keywords to attract buyers to transact with products. One should follow the following steps to create the right effect on visitors:

1)  First of all, select an appropriate category for advertisement. This feature helps to appears posting in the context of relevant keywords. It will help people to find both in-site and through off-site search engines.

2) Use of main keywords in post title has an extra advantage. For example, if someone advertising services as a graphic designer in San Francisco, he should include the keywords "Graphic Designer" and “San Francisco “in heading rather than simply writing "Freelancer Available".

3)  Visitors will pay attention naturally if someone Use each keyword two or three times in every 100 words of advertisement.

4) The user should add keywords as headings and subheadings by placing them between header tags for size. For example: "<h1>Room for Hire</h1>" for a main heading, "<h2>2 Bedroom</h2>" for a subheading.

5) Adding a separate keyword list on a separate line at the end of the post gives attracting look to the post. For example: "Keywords: house, rent, Chicago, cheap."

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Know How to Sell Boats Online on Craigslist

Used boats on Craigslist for sale

To Sell a Boat is as similar as you post another item. If you are in a business of selling boats, you have to keep in touch with the market all time. You are selling them by contact with dealers or brokers or directly to the public. You have an option to sell them online also and with the maximum audience by putting an ad on Craigslist.

Following are steps to sell boats online:

  1. First, you have to go to the homepage of and select city/ area from list. 
  2. If you are posting advertisement first time, look out for other posted ads. You will get a little idea about how to write or give the title and which details should be added. Prepare a proforma for a post from other advertisements.
  3. Make an ad with full details about the boat. Include details such as selling price of the boat, how old it is and from which time it is in your possession.  
  4. Upload a picture of your boat so that it gives an attractive look to your ad. You can upload maximum four pics in one post. It is not compulsory but it certainly improves chances of selling.
  5. After making it on a page, go to the main page of the site and click on “Post to Classified” button. Here, select “Boats” link under For Sale/Wanted' category. A new page will open with a title, a price, a description, and an email address blanks. Fill all blanks carefully (Use anonymous email address if you do not want to release contact information on the Craigslist site) and submit it.
  6. Now open your email account and open a new email received from Craigslist team to review your ad. Click on the 'Publish' link if you satisfy with your classified and wait for 15 minutes to view on the site.
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Disable Highlight from Craigslist on Firefox or Internet Explorer Browser

Clear highlighted links Craigslist: On Craigslist, when any person uses internet browser for surfing the web, the browser saves URL links of searching. Previous all searches are known as browsing history. Whenever person returns to the site, previously viewed links automatically highlighted and displayed in a purple or blue link. If any person does not want to see the history, he can delete all viewed URL in an Internet browser. Following are steps to remove the history from the browser.

Steps to remove the highlighted area from Craigslist:

If you are using Firefox browser for internet browsing, following steps becomes helpful to you.
1) The user should go to the main page of the internet browser. Then Press the "Ctrl + H" key on your keyboard. Brower will show a sidebar on the left side with a list of search history. The sidebar contains a search box. You have to type "Craigslist" in the search field. Immediately after typing, it will show all search history of Craigslist site.
2) Now you will able to see highlighted links. Select them and delete. To select more than one link, right click on the first link then click on any blank space. Now Press the "Ctrl + A" key on your keyboard to select all previous links. It can be also removed one by one by selecting "Forget About This Site". For that click on the particular link and then right click on the link and click on "Forget About This Site".

If you are using Internet Explorer for internet browsing, following steps becomes helpful to you:

1) Go on the main page of the internet explorer. Then Press the "Ctrl + H" key on your keyboard. Brower will show a sidebar on the left side.
2) The drop-down menu will show you many sort viewing options. The sidebar will show “History” tab at the top of the sidebar. You should select “View by Date" and select "View by Site" from the menu.
3) After that, you have to find “Craigslist” listing in browsing history. You can right click on the listing and select all pages. After that click on “Delete” option from a menu.

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How to Make Multiple Flags on Craigslist – Flagging is Good for Ad

How to Flag a Post on Craigslist - Flagging Tool

Flag Craigslist ads automatically: Craigslist provides a facility to place anything at free of costs such as events, dating profiles, house rentals, job openings, used items, and yard sale or garage sale. Anyone can post an advertisement without creating any charges. Hence, there are more chances to misuse of the site by posting violated ad or false description. These classifieds are inappropriate, nonsensical or annoying.

To foreclose this, Craigslist provides an option to “Flag” such kind of ads. Flagging does not remove them but to warn other users about the inappropriate ad. It is possible to “Flag” more than one time if you think that such post violates Craigslist's "Terms and conditions of Use" on multiple counts. The following steps should be taken to Flag.

Instructions to Make Multiple Flags on Craigslist:

  1. Go to the main page of craigslist and look for various postings. If you find any advertisement that spoils the credit of Craigslist, stay on that page. Click on the top - right corner of it, which shows you the box for flagging. You should now state the reason for flag such as “Miscategorized" or "Prohibited." The post will flag once.
  2. If you want to flag more, refresh your browser by clicking on “Refresh” button. It will re-load the posting. Now, you should click for a different reason. For example, if you clicked "Miscategorized" the first time, click on "Spam/Overpost" this time. You can do this several times as it never shows Flagger name.
  3. It is not advisable to click for the same reason. Click on various reason every time. Craigslist will automatically delete this post if it receives sufficient flags.
  4. Go back to ad to see whether it has been removed or not. You should check every day. If so many days have been passed and still it remains, it clearly stated that the site could not remove because of inadequate reasons to remove.
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Reply Back to Craigslist Post - Replying to Email Anonymously

How to Reply Back to Craigslist Post

How to reply to Craigslist email anonymously: Craigslist offers you buying and selling of kinds of stuff from a car to an apartment and a date to a job. You can find anything here by simple one click. It has categorized all items so that you can search for anything easily. Whenever you like to buy anything you show in the ad, you need to reply it. Until you reply it, you will not reach to that product or service. Following are the steps to reply to any post:

Way to Reply to a Post

  1. The first thing you should do is to go to the main page of Craigslist and select your city. Craigslist has set its main page as San Francisco Bay Area so you should choose a city and then look for different items and services. You will be able to see different options such as events, creative gigs, jobs, apartments, friends, etc.
  2. Click on category what you are looking for. For example, if you want to rent a house, click on “Housing” for more options. If you are looking for jobs, you can search for “Job Opening” as well as “Writing Gigs”.
  3. You will able to see so many ads, Read given advertisement and click on it to reply back. You have to give a response on the “Reply-To:” option followed by a link, click on the email address and a new window will open with email page including “To” and “Subject” field. You can change the subject as per your view or remains as it was i.e. by post title.
  4. It is always advisable to reply any post by the different email address that does not contain your name, especially when you respond to a stranger. You just copy “Reply To” address of the posting and paste it into the new email message.
  5. If you find any problem while replying to any posting, you can take help from 'Help Desk Forum' page.
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Craigslist provides opportunity to Make Money

Craigslist Earn Money Online

This web portal provides opportunity everyone to make money. However, some people earn a lot, and some are not. Here are some tips for making money by an online transaction with it.

Tips to increase sale on Craigslist:

  1. You should put your item in the right category for sale. Shoppers always find things in the sorted category. So if you have put your item in the true category, the visitor can easily see them.
  2. Eye-catching and attractive headlines work effectively. This will induce people to click on your link. You may add attractive price tag for the quick response.
  3. Images are most important part of an advertisement. Include best pics of items so that the sale can take place quickly.
  4. You should give a response to the buyers as soon as possible. Email or call from buyer indicates a desire to buy your item. As soon as you reply, your sale can take place quickly.
  5. Follow the rules of Craigslist. Do not copy any advertisement of yours’ or anyone else. It may lead you towards permanently blacklisted.
  6. AdNotifier is one of the programmes offered by the website. This makes your work easy by sending you automatic updates each time a new ad is posted in your category. It works as a feed burner, except it's much more thorough. It makes simple to search multiple cities at one time.
  7. Craigslist is a great place to conduct business for those who have a skill for doing business. You can buy items and re-sale them for profit. Re-sale business is alive and growing.
  8. eBay is a site where you can post a range of items as an online store. You can put one item on Craigslist to the sale and direct people to your online store or provide a link to eBay listings for more sales.
  9. HTML is a source to lead people to your link. This makes easy for visitors to go on particular page or information for your other product.
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