Give Advertisement for Yard Sale Listing

Sometimes to earn huge profit, people arrange a yard sale of garage sale. Advertisement is most important to make known to the people. It can be done by many ways. Craigslist is one of the best options to create free announcement and pull crowd. Following steps lead you towards the big opportunity to earn profit.
  1. For yard sale, posters play an important role. Write ad in Microsoft Word or Works and write proper post or listing. It should be simple, easy and attractive to get more exposure.
  2. It should contain address of sale. Craigslist helps to find nearest location, street, town, city and state. Give detailed direction of sale place, marked with well-known landmark.
  3. State date and time for selling. Some yard shoppers prefer to release advertisement early, so that they can get best deal. Here, they should request “No early birds Please” to maintain rush.
  4. You should mention what type of items you are going to sale. Describe in detail if you have branded wears, items or anything else for children, youth, etc. It will make shoppers to get clear idea about sale.
  5. You should also include pictures for your sale. Take good pics of and upload one or two on Craigslist. Make a classified such as that, shoppers entice to visit your sale at least once.
  6. Once your writing in Microsoft Word completed, check it out carefully. Now visit From the main page, choose state, click and choose the next closest city. The next page will show you "Post to Classifieds" option in the upper left-hand corner. Choose “For Sale” link from list. It will provide so many links. From them; you should choose "Garage & Moving Sales".
  7. Now, enter posting title, city and state, the date of sale, and "Yard Sale," "Garage Sale," Or "Moving Sale".
  8. Copy your Microsoft Word ad in "Posting Description” box. Upload images if you have, and go for "Add/ Edit Images".
  9. Make necessary changes, preview and post it on Craigslist. It will appear for 30 days on it.

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