Check or Know about a Craigslist Post is Real or Not?

Craigslist has millions of users as it provides free posting service of advertisements. There are more chance of scams and frauds because of this feature. It is necessary to identify which classified is bogus and which are genuine. Sometimes people cannot recognized these types of ads and immerse in scam. There are many safety ways which should be followed by users, given below.

Some ways to Know If a Craigslist Post Is Real:

1) Call:
Most of the time, every advertisement has a valid email address and phone number. You can call the person and ask for details. Make a list of questions before calling. In this way, you will not forget to ask anything. It is necessary to pay attention when talking. If ads fake, you may identify on phone also. If owner hasn’t provided phone number, reply by mail and ask for phone number. If he denies giving, it might be scam. It is better to back away from that post.

2)  Investigation:
Investigation is the best way to find about scams. Pay attention to the background for the classified. Backgrounds can be different such as about company for job ad, or neighbors of building for rent ad, etc. If you are willing to buy any house, collect the details from neighbors.

3) Check other sources of advertisement:
Craigslist runs so many campaigns against fake ads. Sometimes users post another classified which warns readers about it. If you get such warning post, send mail for more information and check about it.

4) Trust your feeling:
“If it seems too good to be true, it probably is” is the popular old maxim. If you find unbelievable post for earning thousands of dollars without doing too much work, you might not ready to believe. Little voice insides you, probably true. If any sellers insist to meeting in private area after dark, avoid meeting.

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