How Do I Deactivate My Craigslist Account

Is it possible to delete my craigslist account?

Delete my craigslist account: This is one of the successful websites for free advertisement. To post an advertisement, one needs to register with the Craigslist. A person can create a user account and contact to a community as well as take advantage of part-time income by doing the selling and buying stuff. Here we will discuss on how to permanently delete Craigslist account.

Another advantage of creating an account is that you will be able to manage advertisements better. It is not necessary that you wish to continue your Craigslist account. It may happen that you want to delete current account and switched to a new account. To delete a current account, there are few steps that user has to follow.

Way to Deactivate a Craigslist Account

It has provided a straightforward procedure for deactivating a Craigslist account:
  1. Craigslist automatically deactivates the account if there is no transaction for several months to the account. If anyone does not open his account for a couple of months, it will be automatically deactivated.
  2. The simplest way to deactivate the account is not to do anything. Just rest your account for few months, it will be automatically deactivated. But it is not advisable.
  3. The best and advisable way to deactivate the account is to send the request for deactivation. You can send a mail to and request to delete an account on Craigslist. Provide a valid reason why you want to delete an account. For a deleting account, you must have a valid reason of deactivation.
  4. Craigslist will give a response to your request. Wait until you received a confirmation email. If your account is deleted, you will receive a confirmation message. Proceed to next step after deletion of Craigslist account.
  5. If you have more than one Craigslist account and you do not have much usage, just delete them.
  6. You can even re-register on craigslist after deletion of an old account.
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I want to Join - How to Join It?

How to set up a Free Craigslist account?

Join Craigslist Free: It is not necessary to have a Craigslist account for dealing. You can post anything for selling or buying without it. You also can edit and delete classified without any trouble. But there are some benefits for creating the account also. You can manage multiple postings, view old posts, filter them by date and also cancel unwanted postings. It keeps past records safely at one place.

However, it does not prove worth for those who visit site rarely. If you frequently post ads, it is better to create an account and deal with it. Sign up with Craigslist is too easy and take few minutes only. Following are easy steps to make an account.

Steps to sign up with Craigslist:

  1. First, you have to go to the sign-up page. It contains "Email Address" text box. Now enter a valid email address that you want to use for Craigslist account.
  2. “Verification word” box will appear below it. Type words correctly in such box and click on “Create Account”.
  3. The website will send a confirmation message and activation link to your email account. You should login to it and find a confirmation email.
  4. Received email will contain a verification link. Open it, which will lead to Craigslist sign-up page. It will ask for a password. Enter the desirable password in "Password" text box. Click on "Submit Password and Log In" button. The password should be strong and secure so that no one can hack it.
  5. The page will show you conditions under the heading “"Terms of Use Agreement". You should read all of them and press on “I ACCEPT" button. Now your account is ready to manage and use.
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Now you may Join Discussion Forums on Craigslist

Craigslist Help Desk Discussion Forum

Craigslist discussion forum 1059: It is a multipurpose website that helpful in browsing worldwide as well as locally. People post advertisements, chat, sell and buy stuff. Sometimes you feel very sad about problems. You think that you are the only person suffered from them. Craigslist provides a way to protect you from gnawing. It has a facility to create and join discussion forums.

Forums provide a wide platform for discussion. It contains so many topics such as adoption, women’s issue, social issues, family problems and much more. You will find various categories on forums like automotive forums, motorcycle forums, psychology forums, job market forums and so on.

  1. For any search or query, the first step is to “Login” to your account. Drop down menu will show you “Discussion Forums” option. Open by clicking on it and choose any forum as per your interest.
  2. Some forums contain (R) near forum name. The simple meaning is you have to register with the site before posting anything to it. However, you can read the threads but you will be not allowed to post on it.
  3. If you are not registered user, click on “Register” button to sign up. Create an account is so simple and easy. Enter your valid email address and follow the instructions.
  4. After creating an account, create “handle” by using the combination of upper and lowercase letters. Do not forget to put numerals 0 to 9. Type verification words in the box below handle box. After that, click on “Create Account” to finish the process.
  5. Now you will able to reply any thread. Choose forum and thread as per your choice. To reply specific thread, click on “Reply” icon at the top of the page.
  6. You can also create your own thread on new topic. Click on that option and return later to response created the post.
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How to Import Camera Pictures or Images to Craigslist Post

Camera Pictures to Craigslist from iPhone/Android Phone

Here we will discuss on how to post pictures on Craigslist from a computer, iPhone or Android Phone. Craigslist is a place where people can find classified about new jobs, housing, date, participate in discussion forums on a variety of issues and of course, buy and sell products and services. Images give an attractive look to the advertisements.

There are various sources from where you can post photographs to the ad. You can post it from computer drive, from online option as well as direct from the camera. Following are the steps to post camera picture.

  • First, you have to connect your camera with the help of USB cable to the computer. Go to the main page of Craigslist and choose state name, city or region from the list.
  • Click on the section in which you want to post an ad. After that, click on “Post” at the top of the page. After selecting section, fill it with necessary details such as title, price and location, description of the items and email address. To add an image, click on “Edit Image” button below description box. It will allow you to upload four photographs.
  • After that, press “Browse”. A new window will open for selecting photos. Click on “Computer” on the left side and select your camera drive, most probably removable “Drive E:”
  • Select the photo from file or folders of camera you want to add and press “Open” button. Now you will able to see the photo displayed with particular classified. You have to repeat the process to add more photos. After finishing that process, click on “Continue” button and follow the on-screen prompts.
  • Review your post to see photographs are correctly posted or not. If you want to change any picture, you can do so by clicking on “Edit” button.
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Guide to Add City/Location to Craigslist Website

Add Location to Craigslist Post

Craigslist change posting area: Craigslist allows users to deal with local people as well as connect internationally. It makes easy to buy or sell anything to local and world public. Sometimes dealing becomes difficult due to scam if they haven’t provided a location. Here, the site provides us useful feature to add city or area. However, not all areas located on it but you may request Craigslist to add a city.

For safe dealing, registered account is needed. Craigslist Forum will handle the question. If someone posts request, local community users with the same town will vote. After acquiring enough votes, the Forum may sanction the request. Here are some steps for sending a request for adding the location.

  1. Before sending the request for the new area, first, you have to check whether anyone has applied for it. To check, go to the main page for Craigslist’s Help and Feedback Web page. It will show “Cities/ Sites” link, click on it. Now you will able to find a list of forum posts on the left side of the page. This list has other requests who wish to add their towns to Craigslist.
  2. You have to click on “Login” link and access your account. The page will show you "Compose New Thread" link on the top side.
  3. After that return to cities page posted by the forum. The right side of the page shows a dialogue box "Lookup". Type handle name in the text box. If the user hasn’t such name, he may create new Forum Handle by typing a name as he like in the "New Forum Handle" text box and retype it in the "Re-type Handle" text box and submit it. The new name will be created.
  4. After that, Click "Return to the Forums" to back to the page. Now you will able to see your handle name. Click on that and click "Compose New Thread" located on the right side of the page.
  5. You can give the title in "Title" text box and also type a message in “Body" text box.
  6. After successful completion of this process, click on “review” button and on "Email Me All New Replies to This Thread" on the review page. If you satisfy with the post, click on "Commit".
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Step by Step Help to Get Unghosted on Craigslist

How to Stop Ghosting on Craigslist?

Ghosting on Craigslist how to fix it: When your advertisement does not appear on Craigslist category page, it may be ghosted. It can appear when you enter URL, manually to the browser. There are so many reasons for it. If anyone uses same IP address, duplicating content or numerous external links or images on the particular ad in an excessive way, it may be ghosted.

It is advisable to delete it rather than editing the old one. Because when you post a new one, it will appear on the top of Craigslist page. When you edit the old post, it appears where it was originally intended. The following steps help to get un-ghosted:
  1. When you are ghosted, Craigslist will send you an email for confirmation. Check the email and click on “Edit” link. The page will open in which you will able to find a link to edit or delete the advertisement.
  2. If you want to edit the advertisement, follow the “Edit” link provided in an email account and click on “Edit” button. If you do not want that ad, click on “Delete” option.
  3. After that, you should go to the main page of the website to create a new post. The title of the classified should be descriptive and minimum. Caps, special characters or catch-phrases may flag your post automatically.
  4. You should avoid multiple listing of cities.
  5. It is advisable not to use typical words from previous classified. If you are editing the previous ad, remove all links and external images from your postings. If you continue them in using, it might get ghosted.
  6. If it is required to upload an image, use Craigslist hosted images. After that submit the new advertisement and save current changes you made recently.
  7. Wait for 15 minutes and refresh the category page. The page will now show new posting.
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Way to Generate Business Leads on Craigslist

How to generate business leads online on Craigslist for free?

Generating leads on Craigslist: It is most visited, most used, and most visible sites on the internet for selling and purchasing stuff. The main advantage of the site is that it provides facilities for the local area as well as connects internationally. It also has a great opportunity to generate regular business by simply following Terms of Use Agreements. It provides an easy and simple way to post classified.

1) Craigslist generates so many categories such as community, real estate, jobs, events, electronics, entertainment, services, etc. You have to choose the best category of your field in which you can find the best opportunity for business. Do not choose so many categories as it recognized as a scam. You may confuse it. So it is advisable to focus on quality rather than quantity.

2) Craigslist provides advertisements in various sections. The best way is to advertise in different cities. First of all, you should decide the cities in which you want to advertise. It is simple if you advertise locally. If you want to advertise in various cities, you have to post separately.

3) The advertisement should be unique. It must be posted only once in each category you want to publish. If you want to post same classified in more than one area, be sure that they are not similar. Give an attractive title to it so that more people visit them.

4) You should describe products or services honestly. Do not create hype by over description, Invite people for the reply. You may mention email address or contact number. However, Craigslist provides a facility for an anonymous email address which becomes helpful to maintain privacy about contact information. It is connected with Craigslist.

5) After reading classified, readers will respond your advertisement and you will be able to see their contact details also. Contact them and provide details as per their requirements. Deal carefully with the people and earn sufficient.

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